Could this be the alleged Vanderpump Rules Reunion bombshell that’s going to be revealed? HOLR is breaking down the alleged fan theory rumor.

According to this TikTok posted by user @livarnett_, the alleged Vanderpump Rules bombshell that may be revealed during part 3 of the reunion may involve Raquel Leviss and Tom…Schwartz.

Check out the full video below:


#stitch with @Jackie Alley vanderpump reunion bombshell theory…Schwarts and Rachel slept together #vanderpumprules #scandoval #reunion

♬ original sound – Olivia Arnett

According to this fan theory, the two different clips shown of Leviss’ interviews are interesting to note because, in the second clip, Raquel supposedly doesn’t mention Tom Sandoval’s name.

The TikToker believes that the bombshell the show is going to drop- which ultimately affects casting- is about Leviss and Schwartz. The TikToker alleges that, in the interview, she is referring to, Leviss is talking about Schwartz and not Sandoval.

The TikToker ends the video by stating that she thinks the bombshell news is that Leviss and Schwartz “hooked up and had sex” and that’s what the interview bite was ultimately referring to. This could explain why Vanderpump Rules production is undergoing contract negotiations.

So, do you think Raquel Leviss and Tom Schwartz slept together?

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