Travelling is the one time you get to truly distance yourself from your everyday responsibilities and be immersed in totally new surroundings. It’s a truly exciting time, but more importantly it’s an opportunity to remove yourself from the stresses of day-to-day life.

It goes without saying, therefore, that travel itself shouldn’t be stressful. Packing the right wardrobe helps decrease this stress by tenfold while boosting your confidence by making sure you look your best for every single day of your trip. So here’s our guide to travel wardrobe essentials that you should consider investing in.

Remi Faux Leather Blazer is just as good as the real thing and the use of leather in a polished blazer silhouette makes for a striking piece. This leather blazer is versatile enough to match whatever outfit you wear, too. In case it gets too hot outside, simply drape it over your shoulders for a chic look.

A comfy sweater

Woman Within Sweaters are some of the most reliable wardrobe items around, especially during travel season. This is true no matter where you go; even if you’re going to a hot destination, airport waiting areas, trains, and buses can be quite cold.

The thermal sweaters featured on Woman Within are made of soft cotton and feature a flattering 28 inch length, perfect for wearing over leggings. Since sweaters can be quite bulky, packing one or two quality options will help you stay cosy no matter the situation.

Trusty Boots


Sneakers are often cited as the travel shoe of choice, but boots are just as comfortable and have the added benefit of being appropriate even for fancy dinners out. Frye has a cowboy bootie that’s dressier than your usual Chelsea boot, and its ankle cut and easy heel tabs make it a hot contender for your new go-to pair of shoes. The rich burgundy colour is an extremely sophisticated touch, and not to mention a welcome change from your usual tan and black pairs.


A Smart Bag

Image credit: Afar, courtesy of Away

Travelling is a time to go minimalist when it comes to your bags. This is why it’s so important to choose the right one, especially if you’re someone who likes to rotate their purses on a regular basis.

Luggage brand Away launched their Weekender bag last year, and it’s just as useful and organised as you’d expect. The inside features a padded sleeve for your gadgets, while the outer shoe pocket helps keep your clothes clean.

Your travel wardrobe should be made of deliberate choices that make you feel your best. The key to mastering your travel wardrobe is to pack higher-quality pieces alongside things you wouldn’t mind replacing or losing (think t-shirts or scarves for layering). These investment wardrobe pieces will easily elevate your look for minimal effort, even if they’re just matched with an old tee and your trusty pair of jeans.

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