When you think of people who can do it all, Zoe Kravitz is definitely one of those people. She is the face of YSL Beauté, had a new album come out this year with Lolawolf, and is even playing Catwoman in the upcoming Batman film. She is a multitalented icon and someone who is not afraid to do her own thing. We wanted to look at how her style is formed from a wide variety of vintage influences.

This is a simple outfit that I see becoming a popular look for many as knitwear becomes a bigger trend. Although the look is simple, it is effective and shows how Zoe’s style is influenced by vintage looks.

Another vintage-inspired look, this is bold and beautiful. Going for a classic look, Zoe adds a twist with the incorporation of bold, bright colours and topping it off with 60s style sunglasses.

Simple yet stylish. This is a look many can replicate and is a great summer outfit. A simple white tee paired with a comfortable skirt is made to look more stylish through the use of gold accessories and detailing.

Double Denim! Although many warn against it, when done right you can create an iconic vintage-inspired outfit such as this. 

This is a personal favourite outfit of mine. Taking on athleisure, Zoe pairs a grey outfit and grey New Balance 990 with a formal long trench coat and a Fendi bag. This outfit is the perfect mix of comfort and class.

For a more formal look, Zoe goes for a tonal outfit. Using similar shades in her look, Zoe crafts a smart sophisticated look, and puts greater emphasis on the pop of colour from her Louboutin heels.

Mixing streetwear with formalwear, Zoe creates an elegant outfit. She pairs Russian skate-brand Paccbet with a lovely fitting coat, blue jeans, and a pair of heels.

Another favourite of mine, this is a perfect Fall outfit. The outfit is very tonal and puts more emphasis on fit and shape rather than the items themselves. It is comfortable, stylish, and something a lot of us could wear.

Zoe Kravitz is an icon to many, particularly due to her incredible style. A lot of Zoe’s outfits stand out due to their vintage influences and use of accessories. If you want to emulate Zoe’s style, we’d recommend looking at her 60s and 70s influences, and how she uses accessories to make an outfit stand out.