Thanksgiving is all about being appreciative of the people and blessings in your life, and for making well wishes for the year to come. And what better way to celebrate the occasion than by gathering together and having a Thanksgiving day picnic! 

Picnics are known for being warm and homely and added with the Thanksgiving theme, they make the perfect combination for the season. But planning, promoting, and hosting a Thanksgiving picnic is easier said than done – there’s serious work that goes into the task, and dedication and planning are needed for the picnic to be a success. 

Here’s how you can plan and promote your Thanksgiving day picnic:

1. Create a Host Team List – & Divide and Conquer!

Planning a Thanksgiving picnic is not a one-person job, particularly if it’s going to be a large gathering. The first step to making sure that your picnic is a success is to create a host team – it could be volunteers from the community, your own family and friends, or even students looking to earn some extra cash. 

Once your host team has been decided – make sure everyone is actually interested in the project and is ready to do their best – it’s time to allot tasks with the simple divide and conquer rule! Make categories for tasks that need to be done such as food and beverage, decor, location, and invites. With your tasks decided, divide them up between the host team playing to people’s skills and interests, and assign leaders that can help keep everything in check. 

Not only will this make the entire planning process much more streamlined, but since everyone will be playing their part, it’ll also take away the stress involved in event planning! 

2. Get Crafty with Posters!

Posters are great, there’s no other way about it. And a Thanksgiving poster is even better! Create custom Thanksgiving posters using PosterMyWall to spread the word about your Thanksgiving picnic. Not only is the platform easy to use, but it’s also free, which means that you don’t have to take a dip into your picnic budget. 

Make sure your poster is visually pleasing – you can use one of PosterMyWall’s many editable poster templates here – and that it holds all the right information including time, location, and date, as well as a sign-up code or email ID to help you keep track of your guests. 

And not only will creating and distributing posters help build hype around your picnic, but it’ll also keep your design team busy and on track!

3. Send out the Invites!

With your posters designed and distributed, your guest list should be building up as people start sending attendance confirmations. Once a sizable number has come in, it’s time to get on the invites! 

Get your design team to create invites that follow your Thanksgiving picnic’s theme and to make sure that they hold a balance between visuals and text without going overboard. A great idea – and something that will make their life much easier – is for them to use PosterMyWall’s picnic invitation templates

Easily customizable and with an expansive variety, PosterMyWall’s invitation templates will leave your guests in awe and excited for your picnic! 

4. Go with DIY Decor 

Of course, decor is a big part of any event, and for your Thanksgiving day picnic, it’s no different. If you’re tight on budget and have a willing volunteer team, then DIY decor is the way to go. 

Start off by picking a color theme – fall colors like reds, browns, oranges, and whites are a great route to go down – and stick to it in your design process. And while there is a whole list of decor items that you can create, some fun ideas include embellished placeholders, paper pumpkins and turkeys, fall leaf cutlery holders, cut-out banners that can be arranged on nearby trees or a wall, and fall-themed centerpieces. 

And to add to the mood and setting, you can adorn the location with fairy lights and candles to create a warm feeling. Not only is DIY decor great for your budget, but it’s also mostly environmentally friendly and uses materials that can be repurposed again and again – so it’s a win all around!

So, if you’re looking to plan and promote a Thanksgiving day picnic, then these tips and tricks are your go-to guide. Just be sure to make adjustments according to your picnic’s specifications and most importantly, to have fun! 

Published by HOLR Magazine.