The world of today heavily relies on logistics and good transport. On the land, one of the main ways to transport large amounts of products from one place to another is by trucks. With many people driving these big vehicles, be it on the highway or in cities, accidents on the road are bound to happen.


From common failures stemming from the truck to on-road collisions, these accidents can result in very serious injuries such as broken bones, paralysis, or even death not just to the driver, but also to other bystanders. By knowing what causes these accidents, they can easily be prevented.

Watch out for other vehicles

Many people are not conscious enough about the size of a truck and what are the consequences of that size. Trucks have so-called ‘’no zones’’ which means that the person riding the truck can’t see some parts around it. Many drivers are not aware of these zones and usually drive too close to a truck, sometimes directly behind it. 


Both of these are common causes of collisions which can cause many serious injuries. These injuries are usually the biggest complications in dealing with compensations for the accident. If any complications do arise during this process, you should know that a semi-trailer truck accident lawyer in Phenix, AL explains how you can always get a free consultation from a lawyer before deciding whether to hire them or not. After the consultation, you will have a clearer overview of your next steps to acquiring proper compensation.


The size of a truck also dictates the speed at which the truck can drive. Unlike cars, trucks can’t make fast turns or can they stop as fast cars can. If you are a novice truck driver, keep this in mind when changing or merging lanes, as you need to slow down to do this. If you are driving near a truck, make your presence known by not speeding up when changing lanes and being far away enough to be seen.

Truck maintenance 

Maintaining the truck is a very important process that should never be skipped. Trucks are always on long roads carrying heavy cargo so wear and tear are highly expected. A braking system malfunctioning is the most common source of accidents. These malfunctions usually come from not changing the brake pedals regularly, so be sure to have them replaced after driving around 75 000 km.

Don’t forget to check your engine as well

Engine failures can be very dangerous and if left unchecked these failures can either be bad for fuel usage efficiency or can result in very fast accidents on the road. Keep an eye out for excessive smoking, oil consumption, and unusual sounds. If you spot any of these irregularities have a mechanic check your truck and fix it before heading off on a trip.

Extreme temperatures affect your truck immensely

Scorching hot temperatures in the summer or freezing cold weather in the winter can take a toll on the coolant system of the truck. Know the type of your coolant system and follow closely what the manufacturer recommends for keeping the system functioning. Clean it regularly, look for corroded parts and keep the fluid levels at the recommended amount.

Maintaining yourself

Watching out for other drivers and watching out for your truck is important, but never forget to take care of yourself. Driving requires you to be at your best at all times and to always be sharp for your surroundings. To do so, you need to be well-rested. Make sure to get the amount of sleep you require, especially if you are driving at night when the lighting is lower. Eat healthy, stay hydrated and take breaks when needed on the road. Do not drive if you are feeling sick.


If you are planning on taking a few beers or other alcoholic drinks and driving your truck later, you should cancel that plan. Only drive sober. Drunk driving is always dangerous and can only cause harm because you are not fully aware of your senses and thoughts which always need to be on the truck. Drunk driving accidents are too common and even if a drink seems to be refreshing during a long ride, do not be tempted by it at your next pit stop and just grab a nonalcoholic drink to quench your thirst.

Accidents can happen to anyone and it is important to be aware of the dangers that these big and essential vehicles can produce. Other drivers are also people, just like you and they want to be safe on the road so they can return unharmed to the people that they love, so be wary of your surroundings. Keep the truck in its best shape, keep yourself at best, and everything will be just fine.


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