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Emerging through the ranks of comedy, Matt Rife has carved a path to stardom, largely propelled by his viral success on TikTok. Now known as a ‘Hot Comedian’, Matt has been candid about his looks saying that he did not always look like this. He’s been candid about getting his teeth fixed and of course growing up had something to do with it too. With his steady rise in the ranks of Comedy Matt Rife landed his first Netflix special, Matt Rife: Natural Selection, which you can watch on Netflix now.

Who is Matt Rife dating

Who is Matt Rife Dating

While his comedic prowess has garnered attention, his romantic involvements with several well-known women have also made headlines. One of the most notable relationships that drew public interest was his brief liaison with actress Kate Beckinsale back in 2017. Despite the significant age gap – she was 43 while he was 21 at the time – their connection stirred curiosity. Rife himself later offered cryptic remarks about their relationship, mentioning its complexity, but wished both Beckinsale and Pete Davidson, who was dating her after Rife, well when they parted ways in April 2019. Matt Rife is currently dating Jessica Lord.

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Matt Rife Family

However, Rife’s fame isn’t solely tied to his romantic endeavors. His rise in the comedy world, especially via TikTok, led to a substantial following. Yet, amidst his ascent to fame, he’s remained grounded with a strong support system, particularly from his family.

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His late grandfather, Steve Rife, held a special place in his heart, fostering a close bond that influenced Matt’s journey. Moreover, due to the tragic loss of his father to suicide when he was just a baby, Matt’s relationship with his mother, April Rife, became a cornerstone of his life.

Through his growing success, Matt Rife stands as a testament to both talent and resilience, navigating fame, relationships, and personal loss while steadily climbing the ladder in the entertainment industry.

Watch Matt Rife Natural Selection on Netflix now.

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