There are times when we all think that we have a great sense of humour and can make people laugh whenever we walk in a room. Some people are funnier than others, and there are high chances that this can be based on their zodiac signs. 

That’s true! Your sense of humour can be based on your sun sign.

Let’s find more about this and start with the funniest:



The most social sun signs. Libras are born entertainers. And this is why they are on the top of this list. 

Libras can go to extremes to make people laugh and will even do embarrassing things for that.


They love telling detailed, funny stories so that they can manage to get laughs from the people. They know how to turn around a dull story into the most amusing one. They can make people spit out their drinks and laughter. Yes, they are that funny.


They love to tell jokes and will always be the first one to initiate it. They can easily make jokes on someone else’ expense but without being mean to them. Expect them to take their case if you have been in a very embarrassing situation.


You can expect a Scorpio to get a bit harsher when it comes to cracking a joke. Their jokes are honest and raw, but only for the people who know them well.


When it comes to being sarcastic, nobody can beat a Virgo. They can crack jokes at their own expense and turn everything into a funny anecdote. They use humour to avoid stress.


They have a very upfront sense of humor. They know how to use actions to show their funny side. People fall in love with this quality and always have a good laugh looking at an Aries’ actions.


Leos can be funny in a few situations, but it can go downhill if they try too much. They sometimes end up overplaying with words, and it might be useful in some way, but mostly it gets too much. 


Expect a Piscean to tell you a long entertaining story. But in this process, they sometimes get carried away. They don’t understand when people lose interest in the story and keep going on. They should try to keep the stories short and entertaining.


A Taurus has a very passive sense of humour. They can be funny sometimes, but for that, one needs to pay close attention to them. They usually make less effort to crack a joke and enjoy others’ humour more.


Cancer’s humour can be a little self-deprecating than others. They don’t understand the line between being funny and mean. They should try cracking light jokes instead of making big stories just to get some giggles.


Capricorns generally refrain from taking part in all this hoopla. They prefer staying alone and quiet and hardly find anything amusing. Capricorns should try to humour themselves and others from time to time. Do you think you can try? Check out the Capricorn horoscope today, to see how much you will laugh.


Aquarians are usually reserved people who barely use humour in a conversation. They get a little aloof sometimes. They tend to take everything seriously, so they miss out on all the spirit in their life.

 While we are sure, we all have been able to make someone laugh more than once in our lives. At the same time, most of you will definitely agree with how a sun sign can even affect your sense of humour. Try to take life a little lighter; enjoy and laugh every day.