Megan Markle has been serving looks for a very long time, as many know, Megan is one lucky lady who went from best in show actress to a royal dutchess overnight. 


Like many actresses, Megan has had a style that was impeccable, well fitted and perfect for her persona. For Megan the Duchess of Sussex, her style improved, it became more mature yet very relatable. 

In her acting days Megan was on a very famous tv show titled Suits, where she became a lawyer, and of course wore power suits and skirts and dresses that weren’t boring, but very flattering. Her time on the show Megan spent a lot of it in Toronto where it was filmed, and her street style from set to home and home to yoga was the perfect actress look. 


Megan knew how to play power during her acting era, she wore the clothes she needed, she accessorized and she walked the streets with her large purse and rolled up yoga mats. But it wasn’t until news broke about her dating Prince Harry that her look and style changed. 

Megan went from a classic girl in her jean jacket and yoga pants to only wearing trousers, blouses and dresses. Her style was no longer ‘sexy’ but did become more mature. 

The classic Megan Markle look would be one with sunglasses and a big purse, but her overall style was very much Toronto/LA actress type. Some days, she would pull off a very relaxed look that said “I’m going to work out, grab some lunch, and head home.” Other days she looked completely different a very, “I might have a premiere to go to, or maybe just a look to capture my good side.” 


None of the looks from her acting days were bad, they were classic, but now, as a Dutchess, she has changed and we’ll show you how. Megan has overtaken the philanthropist/ activist, Royal closet perfectly, something we could imagine Princess Diana wearing. Much like Princess Diana, we can see Megan following in those footsteps, not caring about the Royal code or her image. Megan is seen in a very put-together look, but one that is more relaxed or workable. 

As a Royal, I’m sure Megan is expected to just show up, but as an activist like her husband, I’m sure she changed her look to make it more suitable for entertaining and doing real work. 


Megan started wearing chic outfits, skinny jeans with a blouse, heels and a trench coat, a look versatile yet very classy and put together. Another look would be a more winter look, but sweaters, crewnecks and turtlenecks, with trousers, flared or skinny, a boot and to dress it up a heel. 

These looks allowed Megan to differentiate herself from Kate and the rest of the Royals, while still looking the part and being herself. 

Article published by HOLR Magazine