What happened to Tom Sandoval?

Friday night proved an interesting time indeed for Vanderpump Rules star Tom Sandoval, 41 after he got involved with a rowdy partygoer during an event this Friday.

At first glance, it looked like Sandoval was the one getting into the fight but that wasn’t the case.

During the event, a partygoer threw his drink in the direction of Sandoval and a security guard before picking up a chair as the VPR star moved toward him.

However, the whole scene appeared to be little more than the guy wanting to garner some attention.

@themeganplays Omg sorry the last vixeo added a aound?! I hope #vpr fans see this 😇 #vanderpump #vanderpumprules #bravo #scandoval ♬ original sound – MeganPlays

At least according to the Tik Tok user who initially posted the video of the incident.

But the user took to Tik Tok again to clarify what actually happened. See the video below to hear her explanation.

@themeganplays Replying to @MeganPlays #vanderpump #scandoval #vpr #vanderpumprules ♬ original sound – MeganPlays

What happened to trigger the fight?

Prior to the rest of the incident, @MeganPlays said she recalled the man throwing a vase which can be seen in the clip.

But the Tik Tok user claimed it was throwing the drink that got Sandoval and the Owner involved.

However, she added that she didn’t know if anything happened outside after the man was taken away.

A crazy night that follows a crazy year for Sandoval, what’s next?

After everything that transpired around the 41-year-old this year alone, you can’t help but wonder what the rest of the year will bring.

And according to Page Six, the upcoming season resumed filming and will be plenty explosive.

However, Bravo is reportedly seeking a fresh face in the wake of the cheating scandal with Sandoval.

“They have started having outbound conversations,” a source allegedly told ET.

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