For anyone that’s ever set a New Year’s resolution, you know that fitness and health are often at the forefront of many people’s goals. With the new year just around the corner, we’ve turned to Trend Hunter and their annual list of top trends to give you a head start. Trend Hunter have released their annual list of Top Trend Predictions for 2020. Here’s what fitness trends should be on your radar for the coming year!

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Ballet-Inspired fitness classes

Founded by a choreographer and professional dancer, the Extension Room in Toronto promises the “sculpted physique of a dancer” by combining the fundamentals of classical ballet with athletic conditioning, focusing on flexibility, agility, coordination, core stability and postural alignment.

Video Stream Athletic Coaching

As our lives go increasingly online, it’s only natural that this would extend to our workouts. Livekick is a subscription-based service that offers real-time athletic coaching for those who are anxious about face-to-face training at the gym, while also making working out more accessible, as users can use the service from the comfort of their own homes.

The ‘WorkoutBFF’ App is Focused on Building Healthy Habits

Continuing the trend of incorporating technology into fitness, the “WorkoutBFF” app focuses on the habit-building aspect of working out, rather than focusing on specific routines by letting users set their own goals, what days are good for working out, and even enabling them to hire third parties to check in on them at a specified interval to keep them on track.

The ‘WorkOn’ App Connects Users to Coaches and More

Born of a demand for more customized fitness program solutions, the WorkOn app offers fitness programs developed by athletes, professional trainers and coaches, allowing users the ability to create the perfect routine for their needs rather than relying on guesswork.

Reflective At-Home Training Systems

The Echelon ‘Reflect’ smart fitness mirror provides users with workout classes or training information, while also providing a reflective surface, allowing them to check their form as they complete their exercises.

Women-Centric Health Advisor Apps

The Tia app is a highly personalized, chat-based advisor app that supports the operations of a female-centric clinic, tracking things from intensity of cramping, anxiety levels and state of the skin to sex drive. This allows the doctor and patient to build a personalized care plan that can be tracked on the app, and all the data gets saved as she goes.

Bartender-Centric Wellness Events

“Bar Spar” is an entertaining and wellness-centric program launched by Tequila Cazadores and the Bartender Boxing Organization, aimed at improving unhealthy habits that come with bartending – such as unhealthy diets and pressure to party late nights, leading to exhaustion – through exercise.

Proov Helps Women Understand More About Their Reproductive Health

Proov is empowering women to have more medical knowledge available to them and through the company’s new at-home progesterone test kits.

Online Medical Services

GoodRx Care is a new medical service which allows customers to access online medical attention in order to get access to consultations, treatments, prescriptions and lab tests.

Nutritious Brew

Brands in the beer industry are looking to the health-conscious consumer to inspire new products, offering everything from beers with more nutritious ingredients, to those with limited calories.

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