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Everyone finds the power to be fascinating, especially when it looks supernatural. Things like tarot reading, mediumship, psychics, or angel communication have always been fascinating, and no matter how unreal they seem, the truth is you don’t need to be a superhuman to possess such gifts.

Psychics and mediums are people like everyone else. The only difference is they have an extra sense or two, but they’ve also worked on it and trained to get there. There’s nothing supernatural about it, yet each psychic chooses a particular type of power to focus on.

When looking for a psychic, many of them mention their powers and skills. Other times, you’ll just be surprised. Choose the right specialization for what you need help with, and it should make sense. Trying to connect to a loved one? Mediumship is the skill you’re after.

All in all, when it comes to tarot, there are certain skills that make an advisor better, and here’s what you need to pay attention to.


In theory, in tarot, a good advisor should be able to interpret certain cards. They’ll draw a few cards, and then they’ll give you some details about their meaning. Obviously, this isn’t a general approach, as the same card could mean more things.

The advisor will need to know a little about you, as well as what you need help with. This way, they’ll be able to interpret cards accordingly. At this stage, clairsentience is a matter of intuition and one of the most powerful skills an advisor may have.

When an advisor draws a card, it’s not just about interpreting it but also about predicting various possibilities and outcomes based on intuition. These advisors are like data scientists, but they rely on their incredible intuition. It’s a great ability for any psychic providing tarot readings.


Clairempathy is similar in theory, and it works wonders if your advisor has it. The idea behind it is not impressive in other circumstances, but it’s excellent for someone interpreting cards from a tarot deck, hence its importance.

Clairempathy is about peeping into someone else’s life. A psychic advisor will have the capability to sense your emotions and understand better what you want or hope to find out. Your online tarot readings are likely to be more accurate and to the point.

Everyone has a few questions or curiosities when it comes to tarot card readings, and a good advisor will tune into your energy and interpret cards with these questions in mind. But when they have skills like clairempathy too, results are going to be much more accurate.


Clairaudience is an excellent quality for more categories of psychic advisors. Tarot card readers can benefit from it, of course, but it’s more common in mediums, as well as those who can interpret different messages from the universe.

Clairaudience is the capability to hear. How does this count as something extraordinary in tarot readings? After all, tarot cards are random, and the psychic will interpret them based on what they mean in your unique circumstances.

Well, things go further than that. A professional advisor will provide much more accurate readings if they can hear messages from the universe, as well as from a spiritual world. Their clues are more specific and can give better readings.


An online tarot reader who possesses clairvoyance will feel like a time machine. They’ll be able to read everything about you at great accuracy. It obviously depends on what you need help with or what your questions are.

Clairaudience is the ability to see a lot of things about you. A good advisor will be able to see more about your past as well as your present. They’re just as good at identifying patterns and potential experiences in your future too.

When they interpret cards, they’ll do it with greater precision due to this capability.


Divination works hand in hand with online tarot readings. It’s crystal clear, and it’s about foreseeing things, foretelling, and predicting. It’s the capability of getting a deeper insight into a situation or perhaps a question.

Divination has been portrayed in different ways throughout mythology or the cinema industry, but it’s mainly just a ritual. Different psychics use different tools. Some of them use tarot cards, others rely on crystal balls, and so on.

Divination is personal and can offer great accuracy when mixed with tarot cards, which already tell the advisor a lot about your future.

It’s about reading signs, omens, or events. Your advisor will transfer all this information to you for more informed decisions in the future.


Precognition is another important psychic ability that most tarot readers should possess. It’s the concept of seeing events in the future. It’s the idea of becoming aware of what could happen later on, be it positive or negative.

Such an ability is mandatory when reading tarot cards. Indeed, each card means something that can be interpreted based on your questions. But with abilities like precognition, the advisor’s interpretation will be much more accurate.

There is no scientific evidence regarding this effect or how it works. However, it’s been constantly used throughout history.

Remote viewing

Sometimes referred to as remote sensing or even telesthesia, remote viewing implies seeing impressions about something that’s not physically seen. It’s about sensing ideas and things with the mind, nothing else.

Remote viewers can often provide information about things they’re not aware of. When used in online tarot readings, this ability will make your results more specific and precise.

Very similar to clairvoyance, remote viewing is different, but it’s just as widely researched by the scientific world.

Bottom line 

There are plenty of abilities a psychic can have, and each advisor out there is focused on something different.

Some psychics have general abilities in terms of communication or the universe. Some others have extrasensory perceptions that most people can’t understand.

One thing is for sure, though. A good online tarot reader should possess at least one of these skills to ensure accurate readings.

Published by HOLR Magazine.