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Finding the perfect gift for the women in your life can be hard, and even harder when you don’t want to simply get a stereotypical gift. A personalized gift says so much more and really shows the women in your life that you know them. There are so many trends and popular gifts this year, it can be hard to decide what to get and what to avoid. If you’re looking for the top empowering gift ideas for the strong women in your life, this guide is the best place to start.


Finding gifts for women who have everything can be daunting and almost impossible. For a strong independent woman, try getting them oils. Oils are a fantastic gift as each is unique in its own way and you show the women in your life you know them by matching the right oil. For the woman who is constantly on the go and needs help relaxing, try ginger oil. Designed to help with muscle pains and detoxification, ginger oil is ideal for women who are always on the go. Oils are a great way to show the women in your life you know them and appreciate them for who they are. 

Candles With A Twist

Candles may not seem like the first gift idea that comes to mind when we are talking about strong independent women, but there is a twist. Grab a candle with a strong woman on the glass that shows them positive female role models exist and are kicking goals as well. Whether you go for the Michelle Obama candle or Tina Fey, you’ll be reminding the women in your life just how talented and powerful women can be. Not only is a candle a fantastic gift idea, but you’re also introducing a new element of showing just how incredible women are.


There are so many incredible books out there that talk about the female spirit and its achievements through history. Whether it’s Rosa Parks or Marie Curie, books are a constant reminder of just what strong women are capable of. One of the best books you can get the woman in your life is the New York Times Women Making History book. This incredible collection of stories showcases strong, independent women making their mark on the world in an exceptionally memorable way. These stories are evidence of what strong women can do and how their achievements paved the way for generations to come.


There is nothing more empowering than capturing your own thoughts and having an outlet for your ideas. A journal is a great gift for the strong women in your life because it gives them a chance to truly be who they are in a private space. There is no glass ceiling in a journal and it’s a place where any thought is safe from judgment. Journals are also deeply personal and show the women in your life they can write with freedom and expression. The written word is very empowering and getting thoughts or ideas down on paper can have a profound effect on anyone’s mindset. Leather-bound journals are a beautiful gift that can be treasured for years to come.

Kids’ Gifts

There is no such thing as being too young to be empowered or strong, especially as a young woman. A great gift for any strong young woman is the Little Feminists book set. A beautifully illustrated set of books designed to educate the younger generation about feminism and the famous women who stood tall in the face of male oppression. This four-book set is the perfect gift for any friend who has young daughters who want to learn about being a strong independent woman. The strong women discussed in these books can become role models and showcase that women can be anything they want to be. 

Household Goods

Any gift that can be a daily reminder of what strong, independent women can achieve is a great gift. Household goods like throws and pillows can do just that with the right design. Look for iconic designs that show symbols or moments in the history of strong women achieving great things. Having these items showcased throughout the house is a constant reminder to never give up and fight for your dreams.


The strong, independent women in your life should feel empowered every day to challenge societal norms and take what they deserve. Whether you’re getting a gift for your mother, sister, wife or daughter, you need to find a gift that shows you know them and isn’t a stereotypical female gift. If you’ve been struggling to work out what to get the strong woman in your life as a gift, then try these empowering gift ideas today. 

Published by HOLR Magazine.