We all have had to make several revisions to our daily routines and lives in order to accommodate the changes let about due to the global pandemic. Thus, there is no surprise that we witness alterations to several food trends around the world.

These are some of the global food trends that have been highlighted in 2021: 


Everyone is concerned about leaving the safety and comfort of their house to go outside for an evening of fun. Although many countries are not under lockdowns anymore, and many have made revisions to their Coronavirus guidelines, some people are still distressed, because of which they prefer to stay home. On the other hand, the upsetting pandemic also has its benefits. Many have taken on cooking and baking as hobbies to pass this period of monotony. People are challenging themselves by learning how to cook, or experiment with new dishes, and procreate distinguishable styles to enhance their cooking abilities.

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Ghost Kitchens

As a result of fewer in-door dining options as well as plain old lockdowns, an improvised version of eating our favourite foods has been adopted by restaurants, Ghost Kitchens. Basically, they’re restaurants without any dining space. Moreover, due to a hike in demand for deliveries, Ghost Kitchens are more popular than ever before! Furthermore, several dine-in restaurants are venturing into virtual kitchens, their sole purpose being delivery foods while sharing the kitchen of their parent restaurants to prepare the orders.

Focus on Reducing Food Waste 

In the recent past, people have become more aware of another global issue, Food Waste. In order to eradicate food insecurity among communities, and be able to provide every human being with a chance to feed themselves, different organizations and governments have taken proactive measures. However, change begins at home, and the implications of coronavirus have been an eye-opener for numerous households. Families are invested in cooking leftovers, rather than just throwing them away, getting a chance to experiment with distinct recipes serving as a motivation. Additionally, due to the daunting pressure of financial constraints, the public is being more mindful about their actions and preventing unnecessary wastage.

Eccentric Spin-off Dishes 

Historically, people have always tried to personalize different menus or dishes to better suit an occasion, or their tastes, or for basic experimental purposes. However, the trend to create something different has been off-set due to the luxury of time that the pandemic offers us. Restaurants and home chefs are all concentrating on developing unconventional recipes to experience a “change” in such distressing times. Perhaps a metaphor to live life to the fullest vicariously through these uncommon dishes. 

Therefore, we’ve all reached a stage in our lives where we choose to use this time more productively, regardless of the downsides of reduced human interactions, fun night-outs and spontaneous adventures. Recreating different menus, getting a chance to add our own special ingredients to long-existing dishes, and trying out new logistics for meals- have all been interesting experiences that have encouraged us to be creative and construct a new reality.