Minimal yet beautiful! 

Cheers to all of the brides! With wedding season in full bloom, we’ve rounded up our top minimalist wedding trends that we’re seeing this year. If you’re looking for some classic yet minimalist wedding inspo for your big day keep reading to find out how to incorporate these minimalist trends into your upcoming nuptials.

Modest greenery 

Whether you are decorating the ceremony aisle or adding table settings to your venue, opting for a mixture of greenery instead of full floral arrangements is a simple yet elegant way to beautify your space. This is a minimalist trend that is gaining traction among brides to be, who are opting for more neutral colour palettes. Greenery is a great way to add more earthy tones to your space, and you can mix in a few florals for a pop of colour if you desire. 

Simple Table Top Décor

No need for extravagant centrepieces because smaller, more refined ones make just as big an impact! Try adding simple floral arrangements to mason jars and vases, and adding them to the centre of each of the guest tables. The mixture of textures and sizes is minimal yet beautiful and will ultimately make the space!

Accent Pieces

If you are looking to add a unique touch to your space, these additions are minimal but can really make a statement overall. Hanging dried flowers from the ceiling can give the space a whimsical vibe while adding a vibrant couch to an outdoor venue is a simple way to give guests both a perfect picture spot and room for extra seating. You can also give your sweets table a minimalist transformation by opting for what’s new and trending this year. For instance, “naked cakes” offer a unique take on traditional wedding cakes. These cakes are truly minimal, featuring little to no frosting on the side but packing a punch when it comes to flavour. 

Minimalist Seating Arrangements

Lean into the earthy tones for your table settings and ceremony seating as well for a more minimalist look overall. Wooden chairs or benches draw on natural elements and can give your space a more neutral look and feel. You can adorn the seating with minimal additions to make them truly unique and special. For instance, try weaving some greenery in between them or adding ribbon in the colour of your choice to the chair backs for a more colourful touch.

Cheers to your big day!

Published by HOLR Magazine