A grandiose and exciting moment in the life of every couple is their wedding, for which they begin to prepare in advance. And the very first thing to do is to decide in which month it is better to make a celebration because the choice is quite wide: from gentle spring and bright summer to rich autumn and snow-white winter. What to give preference? THEWED will tell you what to look for when choosing the best month for your wedding.

Choosing a month for a wedding: weather, organizational issues and budget

If you do not believe in signs about weddings by months, then you can decide which month is best for a wedding based on other factors:

  1. Weather: The most comfortable time for a wedding is the summer months, as well as May and September when the weather is fine. This means that you don’t have to think that rain or cold will ruin your holiday, where to hold a photo session, how not to get your dress dirty, etc.
  2. The financial and organizational part of the question: the period from October to April is less popular among newlyweds, but in vain, because there is no queue at the registry offices, banquet halls are free, and wedding specialists offer discounts on their services and goods.

In which month to play a wedding, it’s up to you to decide based on what is more important to you. And to make it easier for you to make a choice, we give you a brief description of each of the months with their pros and cons, so that you can decide for yourself when it is better to get married / get married.


Although it is cold outside, it is very beautiful, so the newlyweds have a great opportunity to take a series of stunning shots against the backdrop of snow-white expanses. In addition, there is no queue at the registry offices, and banquet halls and specialists are free and ready to provide discounts (starting from the middle of the month and until January 14, when many companies hold corporate parties).

But the wintertime also has a number of disadvantages! You can not arrange an exit painting or a banquet in the open. And you will also have to think about a warm wedding wardrobe: a fur coat, boots, etc. In addition, the bride’s bouquet must withstand frost, which means that it must be made by a real professional.


This month there is a beautiful symbolic holiday for which you can plan a celebration – Valentine’s Day. And among the minuses, one can single out typical ones for the winter season: you need to think about a warm wardrobe, the purchase of which will require additional expenses, you won’t be able to hold an exit painting or a banquet, but a photo session in nature will give you a lot of spectacular shots!


The month, when nature wakes up from the winter cold, can give young people a lot of beautiful shots. However, frosts and bad weather are possible in March, therefore, as in the case of the winter months, before deciding to organize a wedding in March, you should consider whether you are ready for additional expenses since you will have to buy warm clothes, umbrellas from rain and snow, and others


Spring is in full swing, which means that the newlyweds can take amazing pictures among the young greenery and blooming plants. You can forget about winter clothes and put on something lighter, as well as arrange an exit registration in nature, distributing small blankets and cups of tea to guests. In case of April rains, do not forget to bring colorful umbrellas.

As summer approaches, the number of couples wishing to get married increases, so queues at registry offices and prices from wedding specialists begin to grow.


If earlier May was not often chosen by newlyweds because of a bad omen, then among modern couples it is gaining more and more popularity, because the beauty of nature this month cannot but be admired. So, you are provided with a beautiful walk and a photo session!

Alas, the queues at the registry office are getting longer, so it’s better to think in advance about the important aspects of organizing a wedding: filing an application, renting a hall, choosing wedding specialists, etc.


June is the month when it is better to get married, both in terms of signs and the weather (if, of course, you easily endure the heat). Do you want to arrange a photo session or outdoor painting in nature? Do you like light wedding attire? No problem! June is the time for great wedding opportunities! But, as they say, you have to pay for everything and a lot, because the prices for services are maximum in the summer months. And the queues at the registry offices force the “late” newlyweds to choose Thursdays for marriage registration because Fridays and weekends have been booked a long time ago.


Like June, this summer month is the most popular among honeymooners. Its cons (queues at registry offices and huge prices for organizing a wedding) are balanced by pluses (beauty of nature and good weather). July is a great time for a luxurious wedding of newlyweds who are ready to pay a lot of money to organize a spectacular holiday!


Summer is on the decline, but the activity of the newlyweds does not subside, since it is no longer as hot as in July, which means that it will be more comfortable to take pictures in nature. And guests at an open-air wedding painting or your walk do not need to look for a place to hide from the sun and heat. Therefore, if you are thinking about which month is better to get married, then August will be a great option for you! The main thing is to start preparing for the wedding in advance because there are still not so many free places in the registry offices and restaurants.


At the beginning of the month, there is still a stir among the newlyweds, as the weather provides many opportunities: from a beautiful photo session to an outdoor registration. But do not forget about the autumn rains and stock up on umbrellas and cute rubber boots for a colorful photo shoot.


The weather is no longer very pampered by the sun and warmth, so you should come up with a closed place for a photo shoot in advance if it rains outside. But there are no longer queues at registry offices and specialists are starting to reduce prices for their services.


The intermediate time – the end of autumn and the beginning of winter – is not the most successful month for a wedding due to bad weather and “gloomy” nature. But if all this is not important to you, feel free to schedule a wedding for this month, because preparation for it will take a minimum of time and money.


Winter is coming into its own, painting snow pictures outside the window, which can be a great backdrop for an amazing wedding photo shoot. But you will have to think about a warm wardrobe: a fur coat, boots, etc. And this will require extra spending! If in early December the choice of restaurants and free professionals is quite wide, then from the middle of this month the time for New Year’s corporate parties begins, and problems may arise with organizing a wedding.

When is the best time to get married according to numerology?

The ancient science, unraveling the secrets of numbers in people’s lives, offers its own version of calculating a favorable month for a wedding. Newlyweds must count the 3rd, 4th, 6th, 9th, and 10th month from their birth month and choose the one that suits both. By the way, with the help of numerology, you can also calculate an auspicious day for a wedding.

We have told you which month is best to have a wedding, taking into account factors such as weather, organizational aspects, budget, and numerology. If you take into account at least some of them, we are sure that you will make the right choice!

Published by HOLR Magazine.