After a stressful winter, it’s time to slow down and make the most out of this summer.

Summer is finally here! Although we’re excited for the warm weather ahead, it sometimes feels as though summer comes and goes too soon. Because of this, Coors Light is teaching Canadians how to slow down and enjoy summer with the people who have been the masters of “chilling” for decades – grandparents!

In a fun new campaign, Coors Light is partnering with TEAMLTD to launch the Masters of Chill Class. It will feature a series of short, virtual classes taught by some of Canada’s chillest grandparents. As the masters of taking it easy, participating grandparents have specially designed classes that focus on keeping it chill.

Each video is only a few minutes in length and they are particularly designed to teach Canadians how to slow down summer through a variety of activities- from fishing to tennis, and all the while sporting a stylish TEAMLTD Summer Tuxedo.

“Life is fast-paced, but it’s so important to slow things down and enjoy every moment,” says Rick Grainger, Coors Light’s Master of Chill. “Summer is the perfect time to chill, and with my class on lawn care, you’ll learn exactly how to do that, from an expert. Class is in session!”

We can’t wait to check this out! If you’re interested in learning more from Canada’s chill experts, you can sign up for Masters of Chill courses here!