Travis and Kourtney have been nothing but a star-studded couple, from matching outfits to having 3 weddings, the crazy LA couple went full force for their soul-mate Italian wedding. 

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Travis and Kourtney have been friends for years, and in 2020 the two linked up and started to fall deeply in love, shortly after in 2021, Travis popped the question to Kardashian and she, of course, said yes. 

Kourtney may be the oldest sister and shares 3 children with Scott Disick, yet she has never been engaged before. The eldest of the clan may not have ever been married, but she sure knew how to throw 3 weddings celebrating that love between her and Travis Barker. 


It all started that one weekend in Vegas, Kourt and Trav got married to Elvis and the theme was classic them, very leather and very religious. Kourtney kept a theme going for the events with a rhinestone heart in the middle of her chest, the same went for the real wedding in LA and carried over to the Italian wedding. 

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The Kardashian clan all showed up in Italy with a theme in mind, a very old-school classic Italian vibe that would remind many people of the God Father. Kourt and Travis arrived in all-black, something you might not expect the bride to wear on her wedding weekend. Kourt wore a mini lace dress with the Madonna on her chest, a black lace veil with blue lace edging. 

Kim and North showed up in theme as well, they carried the dark lace aesthetic with them in solidarity for their aunt/sister’s purity, or so we think. The rest of the gang dressed like they showed up in Italy, pastel and tonal, a very vacation/Italian look. 

Kourtney wore a short dress. The dress is something you always see as a gown, but maybe for Kourtney, she chose a high-fashion look over something more traditional. 

Her veil was something special, embroidered in it was the virgin Mary, and 3 words, a tribute to Travis and their life together, which said “Family, Loyalty, Respect.”

KourtneyKardash Instagram

The three words are tattooed on Travis’ hairline and Kourt and Dolce and Gabbana wanted something special made in the veil. 

The Kardashian/Barker wedding was intimate and smaller than many would have thought. For many fans it is always a show, it will always be about who wears what and why, yet this is the first time we are seeing the Kar/Jenner crew not show off, flaunt or care about the cameras and the photos. The Kar/Jenners were there to respect and support their big sister at her first wedding. 

Article published by HOLR Magazine