As cannabis legalization gains momentum, the brands coming up the pipeline are growing in a very positive way. While many companies are focusing on the financial aspects of the industry, it’s refreshing to see brands that are socially and environmentally conscious.

One company at the forefront of social consciousness is TREC Brands — the Canadian organization donates 10% of their gross profits to charities that help our environment and social communities, while challenging other cannabis organizations to prioritize giving back. Based in Toronto, Canada, the organization operates on a motive of trust, respect, equality and compassion.

Following the launch of their 10% for Good initiative, TREC looks to consumers to select charitable partners for donating through their social media channels, on their website and at events. This is one of the first companies to think and run their business with the consumer in mind. “The most important part of starting this company was to be able to make an impact in the communities we operate in. It’s so important as a nascent industry to involve the community. If we don’t have their support it won’t be sustainable,” says TREC CEO Trang Trinh.

Photo by Briony Douglas

Their flagship brand is WINK Cannabis. The WINK team searches the country for licensed producers who cultivate products perfect for social occasions, ensure that the products are up to their exacting standards and then launches them under their brand. WINK No. 01 and WINK Fuel pre-rolls launched in Ontario in summer 2019 to rave reviews and they are continuing to expand. WINK is now available in Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia as well.

Thanks to 2019 sales of WINK and Blissed, TREC Brands’ female-focused brand with a high CBD cannabis oil in-market, TREC Brands was able to contribute to ten important causes through the 10% for Good program.  Consumers are more brand conscious than ever, and this is something everyone can get excited about and take pride in. The core charities supported were:

  • Dress for Success empowers women to achieve economic independence through professional attire and development tools. In addition to funds, TREC and its partners contributed over 50 interview outfits.
  • HXOUSE is a not-for-profit incubator program for young creative entrepreneurs, built on fostering innovation and creating connections between industry leaders and future talent.
  • Evergreen helps create Canadian cities that are low carbon, inclusive and sustainable through various community-building programs.
  • Cannabis Amnesty is a leader in the fight for cannabis pardons and justice for Canadians harmed by cannabis prohibition and historical policy.

TREC Brands is an industry leader that empowers people and pursues efforts to help the community based on their consumer’s voice.Their ethos is the way cannabis companies should have started, as cannabis advocates have been building these kinds of themes for a long time. Due to the government’s heavy influence, this type of approach had to take some time to be implemented with care and in a way that consumers will feel connected and involved in the cause and the solution. If you want to contribute to the cause, you can purchase some of these great products at your local legal cannabis retailer.

As always, smoke responsibly and smoke in moderation!

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