A titan in the travel industry, Trip Advisor, provides hope for travellers around the world as its newly released report on the travel industry’s state gives an inside look at the future of this industry. The report outlines the five stages we will have to endure before we can travel freely again. The travel industry is extremely resilient, as it has become familiar with facing various crises through its past. Being the world’s largest travel platform, Trip Advisor is credited with aiding 463 million individuals every month in their travel research. Trip Advisor is a one-stop-shop for those who want to learn just about anything related to travelling, if you wish to read reviews on a restaurant in Zurich or compare the costs of flights, Trip Advisor is the site you will want to become familiar with. 

Trip Advisor’s in-house market research and insights teams conducted an extensive investigation into the travel industry’s current and future state and what it could mean for those involved. The culmination of Trip Advisor’s research listed five stages we will all have to experience before we can travel safely and freely, as we once did. The first stage is the ‘decline,’ here is where we face the cancellation of trips, as travel restrictions are enforced on a large scale. For the many whose travel plans were affected due to the Coronavirus pandemic, 34% said they planned to reschedule their trip, and 27% said they would plan to reschedule their cancelled trip at some point in the future. Occurring in late March, the second phase, the ‘plateau’ stage, is where the sharp decline in travel bookings would flatten into a plateau. The plateau stage is also where travellers become restless, as they crave to travel, leading them to begin planning their next adventure in their minds. The third phase, the ’emerge’ stage, marks the early signs in recovery for the travel and hospitality industry, including ease of travel restriction as an emphasis is placed on the importance of cleanliness and sanitation. Next is the ‘domestic travel’ stage, where travellers begin researching trips and plan to travel domestically. And lastly, the final phase, the ‘International travel’ stage, will signal the ease of international travel restrictions. The final phase will vary on when it will come into effect, depending on where you are located. Trip Advisor has already noticed a spike in Canadians’ searches for international travelling plans, meaning Canada may experience this stage sooner than most. 

The travel industry is of great importance, many rely on it for work, to visit family, and to have fulfilling experiences. Trip Advisor has taken on the great initiative of providing updated information on this industry, giving much hope for the future. In comparison to before the pandemic, 218% have said they are more likely to take a relaxing trip once it is safe to travel again, meaning that while it will be a significant change for the travel industry, it also gives hope as we all look to the future. For more information on all things related to travel, visit tripadvisor.ca