What’s the alleged drama between Trisha Paytas and Renee Rapp? HOLR breaks it down.

Trisha Paytas And Renee Rapp

Allegedly, there may be some drama between YouTube star Trisha Paytas and Mean Girls actress Renée Rapp. Trisha Paytas claimed the below response on a recent podcast episode in regards to an alleged ageist comment Rapp reportedly said recently.

Here is the clip posted by user @caughtcontext on TikTok:

Image Credit: @caughtcontext TikTok

Renee Rapp And Trisha Paytas 

In the video, Paytas is talking about how Rapp allegedly claimed that she is ‘ageist’ against millennial women in an interview with Andy Cohen for Watch What Happens Live. “I think there are certain things you shouldn’t joke about,” claims Paytas in the clip above. “Aged people do get mistreated so poorly like really old people.”

Paytas also claims that actress Rachel Zegler gets a lot of hate for supposedly saying things along the same lines as Rapp does but Rapp seemingly gets praised. For example. Paytas claims that both of these actresses claimed that both of their respective movies they starred in were outdated and needed an update. Paytas alleges that Zegler got hate for this while Rapp got praised.

Rapp then seemingly responded to Paytas commenting on her claims in this related video also posted by user @caughtcontext on TikTok.

Renee Rapp Interview

Image Credit: @caughtcontext TikTok

In the video, Rapp claims that someone took her comment “very seriously and took it to heart.” Although she doesn’t name this person outright, fans are alleging that she is hinting at it being Paytas. “That’s exactly why I’m ageist,” says Rapp in the clip.

Rapp claims that she was “cracking up laughing” when she heard that someone online was seemingly offended by this comment she made. Rapp claims that this pissed her off but it was also “funny.”

What do you think about this alleged drama between the two?

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