Whether you’re actively looking for love or just happen to meet someone that you click with, it’s important to ensure that the person that you’re dating is both trustworthy and a good match for you. 

It doesn’t matter if you meet them on an online dating app, or at a coffee shop, you should look out for These 5 Red Flags:

They Have a LOT of “Crazy” Exes.

If they swear that all of their past relationships were terrible, it appears that they are the common denominator. Be careful of people who bash all of their exes!

There is a chance that they are telling the truth and they just happened to date a myriad of “crazy” people, but the chances of that are pretty unlikely. 

This more likely indicates that this person refuses to acknowledge their faults and wrongdoings in their previous relationships, and instead puts all of the blame onto their past partners. This also means that they are likely to do the same to you if the two of you ever encounter any conflict together. 

They LOVE you SO much SO quickly.

Wow, after only 2 dates, they swear that you’re their “soulmate” and they’ve “never met anyone like you!” 

Although it is possible to know if the two of you are compatible right away, it’s difficult to know someone after only a short period. 

This can sometimes be indicative that this person has attachment issues, or that they’re love-bombing you. Love-bombing is a tactic commonly used by abusive partners in an attempt to manipulate and control their partner’s behaviour. 

In the dating process, it’s important to take things slow and get to know each other first before becoming overly attached.

They are Rude to Service Staff

Even if your date is incredibly nice to you — if they are rude to service staff, this is a red flag. 

This can reveal a multitude of issues, including anger issues, power issues, and more.

If your date is willing to treat service staff so poorly, chances are that they’ll also treat you like that eventually.

They “Aren’t Looking for Anything Serious”

This red flag is different than the rest, as this person isn’t actively trying to hide it from you. If someone tells you they aren’t looking for anything serious, BELIEVE THEM!

Not everyone will have the same perspective on love and relationships as you. Some people want to wait until marriage to have sex, other people don’t even want to get married. 

It’s important to not only be upfront about what you are looking for in this relationship, but you must LISTEN to what your date is looking for, as well! 

If the two of you are both looking for a casual relationship, then that’s great! However, if you are looking for a serious relationship and the person you’re with says that they’re not looking for anything serious, move on!

There is the possibility that they could be lying about their intentions, but you shouldn’t date someone who plays these kinds of mind games, anyway. 

They Only Want to Talk about Themselves

This one seems fairly obvious, but it’s surprisingly easy to forget. When you begin dating someone, it’s customary to talk about yourselves to get to know one another. 

However, if the person you’re getting to know focuses too much on you getting to know them, rather than getting to know each other equally, this is a red flag. 

Best-case scenario, this person may just be nervous and they’re rambling in an attempt to prevent any awkward silences. However, there is also a chance that this person is that obsessed with themself. 

If they constantly talk over you and don’t seem very interested in what you have to say, this is indicative that this person is overly self-involved. 

Don’t mistake this self-absorption with confidence; someone who is truly confident doesn’t mind if the focus isn’t always on themself. 

In the dating process, you must always remember to stay safe and have fun!

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