The incredible sport of golfing, as everyone knows, occurs come rain or shine! Therefore, it is always best to be prepared with suitable gear that will make your day out on the course memorable.

In addition to your clubs, balls, tees, sharpie, you may find yourself wondering which items you may be missing from your essential golfing kit. If your equipment is bordering on the older side, it’s important to update your gear. Not only will this improve your image and confidence in front of other golfers, it will also elevate your playing. In this way, you can play – and look the part! 

Rain gear

Wet weather gloves are an essential item for many, with the infamous lack of protection playing outside in the open. Additionally, it can be hard in some areas to predict the weather on the day, meaning you should be prepared for worse weather at all times! 


When it comes to gloves, some say it’s good to have “one for practice, one for play, and one for reserve.” However, if you don’t want to overload your bag with needless amounts of gloves that you may never use, consider getting a pair of rain-friendly gloves. These will offer you much better grip during rainy or particularly misty weather! 


When it comes to rain gear, many companies sell jacket and pant combinations. Keeping dry during rainy weather is easy with good quality golf apparel that is not only designed to allow flexibility of movement, but also to upgrade your wet weather style on the green. It is essential to keep golf rainwear in your bag, as you may not be sure when there will be bouts of rain. Though this apparel will be warmer in the summer months, they can also be used as a sort of windbreaker if the wind strikes! 

Club cover

Helping you protect your clubs from wet weather are rain covers which you can attach to your bag, either through a strap or Velcro. Plus, this cover is an easy alternative to use in the offseason when your bag is being stored. You could also consider upgrading your bag completely to a travel bag that has an in-built cover. In this way, you will feel secure that your clubs are protected – of course with their individual club head covers – from the rain and during storage! 

Cold weather gloves

If you live in an area which reaches colder temperatures, do yourself a favour and improve your comfort. Buying a pair of gloves designed for colder weather will ensure that you are warm, while still being able to hold and feel your club properly. 

Distance Measuring Device (DMD)

A DMD or rangefinder is crucial for your club selection, helping you play faster and improve your game! If you are still using sprinkler heads to pace out your play, upgrade your game big time with a DMD – laser, GPS unit, or even a smartphone app. Unless the local club committee has banned its use, all players have now been allowed to use measuring devices since 2019. 

A clutch pencil

A brilliant way of always having a pencil is by getting a clutch or mechanical one. You can fill it up when the extra thin pieces of lead are running out, but it should last you a very long time just by starting with a full lead storage! Being able to clip it onto your bag, or more likely the scorecard, means that it won’t likely be lost. Clutch pencils also usually have a built-in eraser, saving you the effort and struggle of carrying separate pieces of stationary. Nevertheless, keep multiple pencils – just in case! 

Divot repair tool

Most golfers consider it poor etiquette to leave divots and pitch marks as you last played. Respect the upkeep of the green, as well as other players, by repairing any indents and bumps. Touch up your play even more by repairing ball marks with a proper tool. This will also encourage other golfers to take care when they leave their tee spot.

If it is too much of an investment to upgrade your golfing gear at once, there is no reason to update your equipment as you need. And while we generally follow rules for scoring and proper playing, remember to always stay updated with rules changes with regards to your gear. Every so often the rules will impact your play and it would be a pity if you are prohibited from your session due to non-adherence.

However, the most important thing is to enjoy your time out swinging some balls! Golf calls us back each time to sharpen our skills, improve our handicap, and to take advantage of this game we all adore!

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