Valmont’s highly anticipated Primary Collection is now available in-store and online! This line is perfect for both men and women. The innovative Primary Collection was formulated with probiotics and prebiotics to restore the balance in the skin. Also for the first time in Valmont Cosmetics history, Ultra-High Temperature (UHT) has been implemented in the sterilization procedure. This allows for maximum safety with minimum preservatives! 

This everyday mist ushers in a new universal and indispensable step in the beauty ritual, regardless of age or skin type.
Price: $155.00 CAD
This fast-acting topical serum targets and overcomes pimples, while also making them less visible.
Price: $250.00 CAD
Offers a fast and effective solution for anyone suffering from redness, whether natural or due to external factors
Price: $270.00 CAD
This cream rapidly alleviates irritation thanks to Insta-Calm, an active ingredient that blunts sensory receptors. At the same time, the LP.FOS complex and alpha-bisabolol work together to protect and preserve the skin.
Price: $265.00 CAD
Created to provide intense nourishment for even the driest skin, this new treatment combines six time-honored restorative vegetable waxes with innovations in the field of cosmetic probiotics.
Price: $360.00 CAD