Vanessa Lachey is seemingly in hot water after fans thought she and husband Nick Lachey didn’t do a fair job of hosting the Love Is Blind reunion. 

Was Vanessa Lachey biased during the reunion episode of Love is Blind? Fans think so!

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Following the show’s reunion episode release on Netflix, Vanessa posted the following social media image featuring the cast.


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Users took to the comments to share their disappointment in Vanessa’s ability to fairly interview the cast about all the drama that went down this season. Check out some of their opinions, below.

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Many users did not agree with the way Vanessa interviewed some of the women from the show- particularly, Micah and Jackie, both of which were involved in their own respective love triangles.

Jackie made headlines recently for coming at her ex-fiancé, Marshall. Leaked text messages from the reality star showed her allegedly stating a homophobic comment in which she reportedly said Marshall had “sugar” in his “tank.” Fans thought Vanessa did not do her job as a host well enough because she didn’t hold Jackie accountable for her accusations and instead allegedly directed tougher questioning toward Marshall, who fans had supported all season long.

As well, fans thought Vanessa didn’t hold Micah accountable for the “mean girl energy” she seemingly displayed throughout the season.

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Fans also thought Vanessa’s insistent comments about the couples having babies were inappropriate, with one commenter stating:

“You didn’t do a good job. All that talk about babies. Like conception is easy for everybody? You didn’t take into consideration that some people might actually be finding it difficult. Then your bias was palpable. Your husband couldn’t even get a word in.”

Vanessa wasn’t the only host fans were unhappy with- it seemed like the majority of the audience thought her husband, Nick Lachey, didn’t question the cast enough, too.

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Image Credit: @vanessalachey Instagram

What did you think about Vanessa and Nick hosting the latest Love is Blind reunion?

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