Venus Williams Has Been Announced as Keynote Speaker for 2024 Unmatched: Gender Equity in Sports Conference

July 5, 2024Venus Williams will be the keynote speaker at this year’s Tennis Canada’s Unmatched: Gender Equity. The Conference is a joint presentation by Tennis Canada and The National Bank.

The event marks the 3rd annual reception and will take place on August 7th, 2024 in Toronto, Canada. 

Venus Williams is a seven Grand Slam champion and a former World No. 1 player.

Unmatched Conference

Unmatched serves as a foundation to aim and drive home the importance of inclusion, advancement, and equity for girls and women in all levels of tennis.

Venus started her trailblazing career alongside her younger sister Serena Williams, and both became Wimbledon championships. 

Venus Williams Grand Slams

Venus would go on to win many tennis titles and medals throughout her career. The 44-year-old has won 7 Grand Slam titles, 4 gold medals, and 1 silver. She holds 44 Women’s Singles Titles and was ranked number 1 in the world three times.

Venus, who was a child prodigy, began her rise into the world of tennis from her humble beginnings in Los Angeles, CA. Her Father, Richard Williams served as her trainer. Her Father believed in both of his daughters’ tennis atheletic abilities that he would dedicate his life to guiding them to victory.

Venus Williams Keynote Speaker Tennis Canada

What Impact Did Venus Williams Have

The pro athlete is a champion for Women’s pay equity and fairness. Over her 20-plus-year career, Venus has always advocated for equality. After her win in 2005, she openly spoke out at the Grand Slam Committee to request that both men and women receive the same amount for the prize money. 

The Wimbeldon Tennis Association (WTA) singles winner also went on to write a letter which was published in Times Magazine the next year. The following year in 2007, the change by the WTA was announced and the decision for equal pay prize money to women was granted.

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