The brand new Veryvell Drops have dropped today in retailers across Canada! The water-soluble cannabis extracts give you the freedom to choose your own dose – drop by drop – when added to a glass, mug, or teacup.

Inspired by Canadians seeking a controlled and consistent experience, its innovative format features a built-in dosing cap that allows for a new level of dose control with two drops equaling ~1mg of CBD, 1:1 (CBD:THC) or THC. 

Designed to support individual self-care journeys, Veryvell Drops address various needs and can be integrated into any wellness ritual. The three product variants include:

  • Exhale: When seeking moments of calm and ease (CBD dominant). 
  • Tingle: When in the mood for a sensory experience (1:1 THC/CBD formula).
  • Yawn: When you’re ready to slip under your duvet (THC dominant).

Veryvell Exhale Drops (CNW Group/Truss Beverage Co.)

Across the country new routines and new rituals are taking shape. Never before have Canadians been so aware of the importance of tuning into how they are feeling so they can best take care of themselves. VeryvellTM Drops are a complete lineup of water-soluble cannabis extracts that give you the freedom to choose your own dose, drop by drop, when added to your glass, mug or teacup.

They are now available from cannabis retailers for Canadians of legal age.

“At Veryvell, we believe you know yourself better than anyone else, and our products have been developed with the consumer in mind,” says Lori Hatcher, Head of Marketing, Truss Beverage Co. “We’re encouraging Canadians to listen to themselves and let go of any external pressures or expectations so you can focus on what matters most to you.”

The built-in dosing cap allows more control over your dosage. With two drops equaling approximately 1 mg of cannabinoids, adult consumers can start slow and easily find the dosage that’s right for them.

“The inspiration behind Veryvell Drops actually came directly from Canadians,” says Hatcher. “Consumers were looking for a controlled, consistent and discreet experience that complemented their existing wellness rituals,  so our lineup of three Veryvell Drop products were designed to deliver on that.”

VeryvellTM Drops are available now in most provinces across Canada.

Everyone’s relationship with Veryvell™ Drops is personal – start low with 1-2 drops and adjust as necessary.

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