Dimes Cannabis (“Dimes” or the “Company”) enters into the competitive Toronto cannabis retail market, launching a flagship store located at 1048 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario, and a second location planned north of the city. Opening today, December 17, 2020, Dimes is a design-led cannabis brand that is redefining the modern cannabis retail experience in the new era of legalization. It seeks to be the top destination for design-minded cannabis consumers seeking a highly selective product offering.

Due to the current mandated lockdown in Toronto, Dimes opens by offering COVID-friendly curbside pick-up. Customers can place orders on www.dimescannabis.com with purchases placed before 5 pm on Sunday – Monday and purchases placed by 7 pm Tuesday – Saturday,  available for same-day curbside pick-up. Delivery will be offered to start January 4th, 2021, with orders placed before 2 pm available for same-day delivery; free delivery will be offered on orders over $48.

“From the onset of Dimes, we have been focused on the customer experience and store design,” says JP Adamo, owner of Dimes Cannabis. “Due to the current lockdown, we cannot host customers in person in our store but are still eager to open and serve the vibrant Queen West community through curbside pick-up. We have been awaiting our AGCO license since August, but with the new measures in place, have quickly pivoted to set up an e-commerce platform and engaged our team for delivery.”

The Company has differentiated itself from its competitors by offering a highly selective product mix that customers can shop by intent, simplifying the cannabis retail experience. Dimes will collaborate with premium licensed producers aiming to serve cannabis that is craft, sustainable and organic, wherever possible. The Company will also offer a focused selection of cannabis goods and non-cannabis lifestyle products that move beyond cannabis consumption and reflect the wellness lifestyle around it.

Dimes collaborated with local designers on all aspects of the store & brand experience. Interior design studio FutureTriibe (a collaboration between Toronto based Futurestudio & Sydney, Australia based Triibe Studio), focused the design to a small handful of materials – raw brick, rammed earth and plaster. The repetitive application of textures provides an ambient backdrop for the edited product selection. Toronto based Indeks studio designed the brand visual identity to inject a retro-inspired personality into an increasingly corporate category. Dimes-branded accessories and non-cannabis products were designed to focus on wellness, often in collaboration with local suppliers that match Dimes’ focus on quality.

With a background in hospitality, Adamo has worked on hotels, spas, restaurants, wineries and more. All these experiences have given him expertise in customer experience, which is what Dimes will focus on at its core.

In addition to Dimes, Adamo co-owns Bar Piquette, a casual wine bar with small plates, as well as a soon to be open Crosley’s on Ossington Ave. Both located down the street from Dimes, the sister companies are dedicated to servicing the Queen West community in a harmonious approach.

Dimes will serve the new era of customers who have a normalized perception of cannabis and are looking for an elevated, yet simple retail experience. The first location will serve the vibrant Queen West community in Toronto, with a second location planned for Thornbury, Ontario in 2021.

Visit Dimes Cannabis at 1048 Queen Street West, Toronto.