There is a viral TikTok making waves on the platform, in which a creator claims that she was roommates with a Victoria’s Secret model who “had a secret.” Keep reading to learn all about this viral TikTok story.

Victoria’s Secret TikTok

According to this TikTok video posted by user @paretay, a story about a Victoria’s Secret model who “had a secret” that the content creator has kept for over 10 years is going viral on the platform. Here’s the story that allegedly occurred in the early 2010s.

Supposedly, the creator met the model when “she first moved here” which is how the two got to be roommates. She ended up moving into the same apartment with the creator, in which other models also lived there. “Right off the bat, the vibes were off,” claims the creator. “She loved to one-up people. She was also younger than everyone so I thought it was just an insecurity thing.”

Victoria's Secret Roommate

@paretay TikTok

Victoria’s Secret Roommate Story

Allegedly, the girl was also getting major contracts and was meeting other notable names in the industry. The creator claims that she was an “It” girl for that season. The creator claims that this model wanted the other girls to be jealous of her, supposedly. Then the creator started noticing “pathological” lies about the model- in which she claims that the model lied about where she came from, mutual friends, stories, etc. Because of this, the creator distanced herself from the model a bit.

However, the creator also noticed that little things started to go missing in the apartment such as clothing, skincare, and prescription pills. One day the creator noticed that the model had stolen one of her shirts- in which she knew it was her shirt because there was an orange makeup stain on it that wasn’t the model’s shade. The model denies having stolen it even though the creator claims it was obvious.

Victoria’s Secret Roommate Suitcase

Following this encounter, the creator claims that she told the rest of the girls she was going through the model’s things that night and was “horrified” to find the results of her snooping. Allegedly, the creator found out that the model had stolen things from every girl in the apartment. The grossest part was that this girl allegedly “kept all of her trash.” “Dirty, used tampons, tissues that she would wipe her nose, her butt- like you would see like poo on them, she would keep them all in her suitcase that she kept in our apartment,” claims the TikToker in the video.”It was so foul!” she alleges.

The creator also claims that the group of girls took this model’s suitcase out of the apartment and their apartment “stunk so much less” after they did so. They also kicked out the model that day, supposedly. The creator also alleges that she’s super famous and is now well-liked on TikTok.

Victoria’s Secret Model Names

Commenters rushed to the comment section to voice their opinions on this viral clip, throwing out accusations about who this model could be even though the TikToker did not name any names in the video for privacy reasons. Some high-profile Victoria Secret names that the comment section is claiming the story could be about are; Taylor Hill, Devon Windsor- who popped onto the app here to claim it wasn’t about her- Stella Maxwell, Sara Sampaio, Karlie Kloss, and others.

Again- we do not know who this story is about, these names are only opinions of other TikTok users and subsequent rumors. 

A lot of internet users were allegedly going to Taylor Hill’s page and “harassing” her, thinking she was the center of the story but this is not the case. The creator came back onto the TikTok platform to show evidence of the dirty suitcase and to also state that the person in the story is not Taylor Hill, in this follow-up clip.

What do you think about this alleged story involving a high-profile Victoria’s Secret model having a dirty little secret? Although the girl in the story has not been revealed, the TikToker claims that she will be here “to give clues and such during storytimes.”

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