Rumors allege that the video going viral of Kate Middleton and Prince William walking together is actually old and not recent. HOLR breaks down the alleged claims.

Note: The following is all alleged. There is no concrete evidence to support these claims.

Latest photo of Kate Middleton

According to this TikTok video posted by user @sussan_mourad, the latest video of Kate Middleton that has gone viral online has caused speculation throughout the internet.


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Did Kate Middleton Get a Facelift?

As noted in the video, many people are reportedly not convinced online that the footage is actually of Kate Middleton. This is because the video clip follows claims that Middleton is allegedly “missing” after her planned abdominal surgery and recovery.

According to this clip, people have been pointing out things about the video that have caused rumors to run rampant online regarding the video not actually being of Middleton. For instance, one user allegedly pointed out why Middleton would be carrying a bag that size after an abdominal surgery that required months of recovery and rest. Speculation of Middleton getting a facelift has also been a rumor.

Kate Middleton Lookalike Heidi Agan

Others allegedly pointed out that Middleton looks younger in this video. Some people online have even speculated that the woman in this clip is Mdidleton’s lookalike, Heidi Agan.  As the TikToker notes, the recent photos that have emerged of Middleton seem to look different from one another. Could this be another allegedly altered image? This is all alleged.

Kate Middleton Legs

Some people have also alleged that the woman in the clip looks younger- almost like a teenager. Middleton was not expected to return to the public until April following her recovery process so this video seemingly comes at an interesting time.

Video of Kate Middleton Old

Some people allegedly believe that the viral video is actually an old clip that is making its rounds online. One user in the comment section of the above video alleges that this clip is from December although this remains unconfirmed and alleged.

What are your thoughts on these allegations surrounding new footage of Kate Middleton? There is no concrete evidence to support these alleged claims.

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Image credits via @sussan_mourad TikTok (TMZ)