Join HOLR in celebrating Earth’s Month by learning about our planet’s current situation, connecting with it and its beautiful nature sounds, and most importantly, being inspired to take action and help the Earth.

It’s not news that our planet is in bad shape and each year the urgency to take action increases. 51 years after the declaration of Earth Month and Earth Day, plenty of UN, government and civil organizations work each day to make a change and to inspire others to do so, so we can all help our planet recover from the daily damage it receives.

Did you know that every minute the Earth is monitored and measured to study its health? And did you know that we can actually watch LIVE Earth’s vital signs? Sure we do! And in a very cool, animated way. We’d like to recommend you an amazing site.

There’s this NASA website where we can watch everything. The LIVE visible Earth, its air temperature, carbon dioxide level, soil moisture and more. You can also watch the current locations of some of NASA’s Earth-observing satellites; a great way to be updated daily on how’s our beloved planet doing.

We also know most of you, like us, love the beauty of Earth’s nature and are interested in learning more about the urgency to take action to save our planet. That’s why we have some great title recommendations from for you to listen to, where you can join personalities like Sarika Cullis-Suzuki and Bill Gates teaching us about these topics.

One of our favourite titles is Wild Sounds of Canada, where we join the marine biologist, media host and educator Sarika Cullis-Suzuki on a deep tour of the wild heart of Canada to listen to endemic species, incredible environment sounds and more.

Another of our favourites is How to Avoid a Climate Disaster, where Bill Gates discusses the challenges humanity is facing with climate change and what actions should we take to avoid a climate catastrophe.

Below we leave some other great title recommendations, right for every taste. We hope you can take some time to listen to these experts talking about the Earth’s situation, and also listen to our own planet talking through its beautiful nature.

For the outdoorsy type and nature lover: 



For impactful memoirs: 



For those looking to make a difference to stop climate change: