How the fashion handbag brand, NOIRANCA, creates timeless luxury pieces and puts sustainability first.


NOIRANCA is the epitome of ethically-sourced and fashionable handbags. The brand specializes in creating unique bags that feature full-on sustainable materials and production, and are beautiful in design. 

Imbued with luxe and timelessness, the brand’s latest collection brings NOIRANCA’s vision to life in terms of blending artisanal craftsmanship and sustainability together to create functional yet fashionable pieces for everyone to enjoy. In fact, every piece is made from responsibly sourced, PETA-Approved vegan leather with 58% recycled elements. 

Today, HOLR is chatting with the team to discuss the brand’s timeless pieces and how its core values impact company operations.


How do NOIRANCA’s handbag designs blend artisanal craftsmanship with sustainability?

Full-on sustainability and the art of savoir-faire is pivotal in making our designs. Having the NOIRANCA bags handcrafted in a family atelier of long history, our collection is not only exquisitely made, but also infused with values of preciseness and devotion.
We have strict standards on the quality of our materials, including our signature PETA-Approved vegan leather and other recycled materials, therefore making sure the bag is made of top-notch elements alongside exceptional craftsmanship.

Where does the inspiration behind the brand’s luxe yet timeless pieces come from?

Our designs roots back to the legendary women that inspired many. We are very much so inspired by the strength and power these women exuded — for example, Grace Jones and Patti Smith — and we embody their characters onto our designs.
That’s why our bags are created in unique silhouettes, for every woman has their own flair. With the environment in mind, we embrace the essence of timelessness with lasting pieces, and too, encourage all to buy less.

What core values are central to NOIRANCA?

A different bag. A different leather. A different story. A different bag. NOIRANCA’s collection sees one-of-a-kind handbags with timeless silhouettes, interwoven with profound savoir-faire. Every bag is different on its own, for each is inspired by the women we look up to – the likes of Alice Neel, Amanda Lear, Grace Jones and more – creating not just an empowering bag but one imbued with stirring stories.
The collection is completed by our long-beloved family atelier, which preserves traditional craftsmanship, as the strain of empowerment runs through the NOIRANCA bags.A different leather. Seeing earth as our culture, NOIRANCA strives to minimize carbon footprint as well as the harm imposed on our nature. We therefore have adopted a different leather that is more ethical. Handcrafting our handbags with PETA-Approved vegan leather that is made up with 58% recycled materials, we are not only saving animals, but also a step closer to a greener planet. A different story. Inclusivity is of paramount importance in the journey of women empowerment, the bigger the community, the larger the impact. NOIRANCA offers a platform where women’s stories could be heard, and further inspire.
As such, featuring our exclusive section #HerDifferentStory on our Journal page, we hope that more could feel connected to each other – in building a strong bond. With the thrust to free women out of gender norms and societal constraints, NOIRANCA hereby welcomes features or collaboration, as we believe firmly in the power of togetherness.

What can we expect to see from the brand in 2022?

We are dropping our new sustainable collection that keeps pushing the boundaries of handbag designs — check out our Instagram @noiranca and stay tuned!
Published by HOLR Magazine.