Watch the altercation unfold between Massiel Taveras and the viral security guard at Cannes 2024. 

Cannes Red Carpet Security Guard

Cannes red carpet 2024 is trending once again after actor Massiel Taveras got into a public altercation with a security guard at the event- right after a viral video of Kelly Rowland talking back to the same security guard blew up online. Taveras was attending the premiere of The Count of Monte Cristo when she was seemingly rudely rushed off the stairs of the Cannes festival by security.

In this TikTok video posted by user @independentreporter9495, you can see how the altercation began.

Massiel Taveras Cannes

As you can see in the clip, Taveras is being ushered up the stairs of the Cannes Film Festival by security- but she is trying to show off the train of her gown in the process. Taveras is visibly frustrated as she is being repeatedly guided up the stairs by security even though she is hoping to show the audience and paparazzi her dress. She seemingly becomes increasingly annoyed as she attempts to show off the embellished train while security continues to guide her up the steps, surrounding her with their arms. Taveras even throws her hands up at one point to seemingly signal to them to back away.

The security guard, who recently got into an argument with Kelly Rowland on the same steps just days prior, can be seen using her arms to move Taveras up the stairs of the event. Once Taveras reaches the top of the stairs the security guard seemingly has her arms around her, leading her away, when Taveras can be seen allegedly pushing the security guard away.

Massiel Taveras Cannes Dress

Taveras dress featured an embellished image of Jesus.

Cannes Security Guard Fired Reddit

Was the Cannes security guard fired after this was seemingly her second altercation with a celeb? This is the question plaguing the internet today as people take to online platforms such as Reddit and Twitter to discuss the latest claims.

In this discussion thread on Reddit, people had a lot to say about the interaction, with some users claiming that the security guard should be fired for their actions. Others allege that the security guard may be racist as a result of the footage captured. Nothing has been confirmed in regard to these alleged claims.

“[This] woman is way too comfortable touching [WOC] I’ve seen 4 [separate] videos now on [Twitter]. [She] needs to be fired”

“This is so embarrassing for the festival. This woman is ruining the experience for the guests and making the event look bad. She should’ve been replaced after the first incident.”

One Reddit user also linked to 3 different instances here of celebs dealing with the same issue!

At the moment, it is unclear if the security guard in question has been fired, dismissed, or reprimanded for these incidents captured on film.

What are your thoughts?

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