Selected by Academy Award winner and L’Oréal Paris spokesperson Kate Winslet, Aleksandra Odić from Germany is the first recipient of Lights on Women Award for her short film Frida 

L’Oréal Paris has announced the inaugural winner of the Lights on Women Award, in partnership with the Official Short Film Competition and the international school films program. Aleksandra Odić from Germany took the top honour for her 22-minute film, Frida, from the 11 selected short films, depicting an encounter between a young nurse and her patient. The final choice was determined and announced by Academy Award-winner and L’Oréal Paris spokesperson Kate Winslet – the Award’s first Juror – during a special prize ceremony at the Jeune Cinéma dinner in Cannes on Friday, July 16. In recognition of her accomplishment, Odić will receive financial support of €30,000. 

Aleksandra Odić © Galya Feierman  

Aleksandra Odić’s short film, Frida, moved me to tears,” says Kate Winslet. “The brave subtlety and sparse use of dialogue created an internal heartache that takes courage, skill, and a very delicate hand. I am confident that the Lights on Women Award will propel a new generation of female filmmakers forward in their careers, while also capturing unique and hugely relevant themes within the challenges of our world today.”  

As an Official Partner of the Cannes Film Festival for more than 24 years, L’Oréal Paris has always been a feminist brand that champions women’s empowerment, specifically in the world of film through its privileged relationship with iconic actresses who embody the values of the brand. Now, L’Oréal Paris is going even further with this commitment, with this dedicated award program for female short filmmakers.  

Delphine Viguier-Hovasse, Global Brand President, L’Oréal Paris, adds: “We decided to champion this cause because we believe in working together to reduce bias and achieve greater gender balance in cinema. The main obstacles faced by women who want to pursue careers in film are firstly, self-confidence, and secondly, financial resources. For Aleksandra Odić, I hope that this award will provide helpful support in regard to both of these challenges.” 

2021 was a landmark year for L’Oréal Paris at Cannes, as the brand reunited its iconic spokespeople on the red carpet and paid tribute to the 50th anniversary of “Because you’re worth it” – a world-renowned tagline that has united consumers around the brand and empowers women, whatever their age and whatever their origin, to believe in their own sense of worth.

In addition to Odić, who took the top honour, the complete list of selected short filmmakers also included: 

Marija Apcevska
Severen Pol (North Pole)
North Macedonia, Serbia 
Official short films competition 


Carina-Gabriela Dașoveanu
Prin Oras Circula Scurte Povesti De Dragoste (Love Stories On The Move) 
International film school competition 


Natalia Durszewicz  
Bestie Wokół Nas (Beasts Among Us) 
International film school competition 


Menglu Huang 
Oyogeruneko (The Cat From The Deep Sea) 
International film school competition 


Lina Kalcheva
Other Half 
United Kingdom 
International film school competition 


Mya Kaplan 
Habikur (Night Visit) 
International film school competition 


Anna Podskalská
Rudé Boty (Red Shoes) 
Czech Republic 
International film school competition 


Tang Yi
Tian Xia Wu Ya (All The Crows In The World) 
Hong Kong 
Official short films competition 


Jasmin Tenucci
Céu De Agosto (August Sky) 
Brazil, Iceland 
Official short films competition 


Adèle Vincenti-Crasson 
King Max 
International film school competition

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