TikTok has been by far one of the biggest influences on culture in 2020 and as the year is coming to an end it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. We wanted to talk with some of Canada’s biggest TikTok creators to talk about fashion, beauty and Fall trends.

Emmanuel Uddenberg: @emmanuel.uddenberg

What drew you to use TikTok as a platform?

I’m still relatively new to TikTok as I’ve only been on the platform for a few months. I got it near the beginning of the pandemic, around March – mainly after I was laid off and because there was nothing much do to at home due to the lockdown. At first, I only got the app to watch other creators, I actually wasn’t too keen on making videos myself. I have always been quite shy, and usually keep to myself, therefore I wasn’t a fan of the spotlight. However, many of my friends encouraged me, even just to share goofy videos from high school. I soon became more comfortable posting on the app and was inspired by the many fashion creators who use the platform to express themselves through their outfits and style. Something I knew I’ve always had a passion for as I too wanted to share my love of fashion with others. I immediately started to create videos of my own, and after following a few trends on the app my account blew up overnight!!! I currently have over 200k followers, and it still comes as shock to me every time I open the app. My goal for the future is to continue to put out content for my followers to enjoy, so they can fall in love with fashion just as much as I have.

What got you interested in Fashion?

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always had a passion for fashion. My biggest inspiration and role model has always been my mother and I credit her not only for my style and fashion sense but for everything I have received in my life. Our fashion sense is getting to the point where it’s almost identical. Quite often we end up wearing similar looks when leaving the house and we have to decide who’s going to change! At first, fashion to me was just simply; dressing nice, and following trends. Though the fashion world is so much more than that, and for me, it adds another layer to express my individuality and what makes me unique. Currently, I strive to follow more and more designers, to gather inspiration from a variety of sources to refine my wardrobe. Fashion is no longer a hobby but a passion of mine, and I look forward to seeing where it takes me in the future.

How do you feel TikTok is influencing culture, style and fashion?

When used positively, TikTok has the ability to create amazing experiences and bring its online community closer together. It allows individuals from all over the world to showcase and bring awareness to their own cultures, enabling us to create a deeper understanding of them, so we can appreciate diversity. Similarly, with culture, I believe TikTok does the same for fashion. Bringing light to fashion and different styles from individuals around the globe, to appreciate one another, and create a sense of community. One of my favourite aspects of TikTok is that it offers a unique experience allowing users to connect, no matter where they are, to create meaningful connections with like-minded people. 

What are the 3 most worn pieces in your wardrobe?

This question is always a hard question for me to answer because my 3 most worn pieces probably aren’t even my favourite pieces in my wardrobe. I’m often too scared to wear my favourite pieces because I don’t want them to get ruined. Currently, my three favourite pieces would be my; Balenciaga Track Sneakers, Oversized Sandro Houndstooth Coat, and Oversized Sandro Puffer. However, my most worn pieces would probably be my; Yeezy 700 Analog, Fear of God Essentials Tracksuit, and Kollar Staple Cargo pant. 

What do you think are the biggest trends for Fall 2020?

I think the biggest trends for fall are going to be a cozier laid-back style. Such as sweatpants and hoodie, with an oversized wool coat or a showstopping jacket that stands as the focal piece for the outfit. Completed with a pair of designer chunky sneakers (Balenciaga, McQueens, or a pair of Jordans) and maybe a baseball cap or a beanie. This trend has almost been my everyday look this season because it’s so comfy and stylish. However, for a more put-together look, I still plan on rocking a pair of black leather/suede boots with some fitted jeans. Maybe a leather jacket, wool coat or bomber, and nice turtleneck underneath. 

How would you describe your personal style?

To be honest, I consider my personal style to be quite basic, even though I have been told otherwise. My closet is pretty much all shades except for a few coloured graphic t-shirts. I like to keep things relatively neutral colour wise, to create a clean and posh look no matter the style. I still feel that when wearing things such as sweatpants, there are ways to elevate it to create a more refined look. Style-wise, I go back and forth between different looks, as I have quite a mix of oversized and fitted pieces to create any desired outfit. I am also a huge fan of sneakers!! Though I have a few pairs of boots, which I love, I find that sneakers add a unique touch to any outfit. I also enjoy accessorizing with hats, and jewellery to add more depth to the look.

What do you most look forward to about the Fall season?

Fall is my favourite season for fashion, the fluctuations in weather allow you to change up your look almost every day. I personally love to layer and add a jacket to every look, which is something you can’t really do in summer or winter. In fall, there’s a different jacket for every temperature, that can make your look pop so much more and creates endless possibilities to express yourself. I also really look forward to shopping in the fall season because of the many deals and promotions that occur!! 

How do you think being based in Canada has influenced your style?

Living in Canada has definitely influenced my style. Weather-wise, the difference in temperatures allows for variety in my wardrobe. Though more importantly, the Canadian culture and people around me have moulded my style into what it is today. Canada is such a diverse and multicultural nation, filled with people with different backgrounds, tastes and styles that create an incredible variety of looks to incorporate into your wardrobe – an experience not found in a lot of places.

Emson Mallari: @emsonmallari 

What drew you to use TikTok as a platform?

What drew me to TikTok as a platform was just how free and fun it was. You didn’t have to think twice about what you wanted to post, you would just post it free of judgment. It almost reminded me of Vine in a sense, you never knew what you were going to see but you knew it was always going to be something good. I really liked all the functions it had as well, it wasn’t a lot at the time but it was effective enough to enhance the creativity within the app. The For You page in itself was a big attention grabber as you could see all the viral videos and trends going on and it made you realize that any video has the potential to go viral.

What got you interested in Fashion?

I’d like to say that hip-hop, rap, and r&b culture really influenced me growing up and the fashion that came with that culture definitely had an impact on me. It was hard not to notice how big fashion was in that world. But, if I’m going to be completely honest what really got me into fashion was trying to impress girls in high school. I always appreciated fashion and the culture but it wasn’t until high school where I started to clean myself up a bit in hopes of impressing the ladies. But as I got into it, the more I dove deeper into the culture itself, specifically streetwear culture. From there I was able to fall in love with fashion and the confidence it gave me.

How do you feel TikTok is influencing culture, style and fashion?

I definitely think TikTok is one of the biggest influences in fashion at the moment. From my perspective at least, not many people were dressing how they do now after coming onto TikTok. I just think it’s so easy to put out simple fashion content for many people to consume in a short period of time and once you watch enough videos, you get an idea of how you yourself want to dress yourself. I feel as if a lot of fashion trends are so accepted now and that people are starting to really dress how they want free from judgment. Seeing your favourite fashion creators or even just creators in general and observing how they dress really inspires you to follow in their footsteps.

What are the 3 most worn pieces in your wardrobe?

I would definitely have to say my 3 most worn items in my wardrobe are probably one of my basic hoodies, black dickies workwear pants and Jordan Bred 1s. That whole outfit is pretty much my go-to when it comes to anything. I’m a big fan of just essentials and practical items that you can wear anywhere so those 3 kinda just fit into that category. They’re just items I can throw on anytime while staying comfy at the same time.

What do you think are the biggest trends for Fall 2020?

From my perspective, I think some big fall trends for 2020 definitely have to be sweater vests, baggy tees, cargos, or any baggy pants, and Jordan 1s. I’ve been seeing people wear these everywhere on TikTok, pair them with a pearl necklace and some sunnies and you got the majority of the fits you would see on TikTok. I love it though, I myself will rock these pieces on a daily.

You’re ‘How I Style’ series has been incredibly popular. Which styles have been your favourite to try out?

Honestly, I have always been a streetwear type of guy at heart. It’s what I started with and what I’m really passionate about so being able to incorporate that into my how-to style videos is always going to be a pleasure.

How has trying all these different styles influenced your own personal style? Do you find yourself experimenting more?

I’d say, trying all these new styles outside of streetwear, as well as doing my “What I’d Wear” series has really forced me to think outside the box and get out of my comfort zone. I’m always trying new things to keep the content fresh as well as keeping myself fresh. I think after going through the styles over and over you start to see what you enjoy putting together and what you don’t and I just built my personal style of what I enjoyed to wear. This year has definitely been the most experimental and I learned to really just wear what makes me happy.

How do you feel being only 20 years old with a reach of millions worldwide?

To be completely honest as surreal as it is, at the end of the day I still feel like the same person I always was. I have definitely grown more as a person, learned more about the social media industry, as well as make so many new friends, but I still feel like me. That being said, I have definitely been blessed with the opportunity to reach and inspire so many people. This is something I’ve always envisioned for myself and for it to actually start coming to fruition is still hard to process, but I’m learning to just appreciate it, staying true to myself and living in the moment as I go.

Maha Gondal: @moxeb 

What drew you to use TikTok as a platform?

I would say what drew me to use TikTok as a platform would be this pandemic. The first lockdown was when I really got into TikTok and it was the only platform that inspired me to create content at that time. It’s been really helping me get through the weird time that we are currently living in. TikTok gave me a reason to get up, get ready, create and feel good about myself.

What got you interested in Fashion?

I have always loved fashion since I was very little. It is an extension of my personality and makes me embrace my individuality. As I grew older, I started to realize it is the first thing people look at to interpret who I am and what I am about so I’ve always made sure that the way I carried myself always displayed the authentic “Maha”. Fashion is the best way to differentiate yourself from others and truly stand out in your own unique way. It provides me with full freedom and control over my identity.

How do you feel TikTok is influencing culture, style, fashion and beauty?

I feel like TikTok is what GenZ needed in order to learn more about others, their culture, their background and how beauty is appreciated around the world. There’s only so much we learn in school but a platform like TikTok, where anyone can record a video and tell you so much about their culture, their people, and lifestyle and when you hear a real person share their experience it really stays with you.  Every day I learn something new on TikTok. What’s amazing is everyone is accepted on this app too. No matter how you look, what your beliefs are, how you carry yourself or what part of the world you are in; you’re constantly being supported by people all over the globe. 

What are the 3 most worn pieces in your wardrobe or 3 favourite beauty/skincare products?

My 3 most worn pieces in my wardrobe are my quilted denim jacket, black leather pants, and a knitted vest.

What do you think are the biggest trends for Fall 2020?

I think the biggest trends for Fall 2020 are:

    • Primary layers (rib knits)
    • Leather ankle boots
    • Long gloves
    • Long puffer coat
    • Voluminous Shoulders
    • Matching sets

Who or what are your biggest style inspirations?

Right now, I would say, Rihanna, Alealimay, Kim Shui, Yoon Ahn and Renellaice

Whilst you were in London where were some of your favourite places to shop and hang out?

While I was in London my favourite places to shop were Axel Arigato, Eytys, END Clothing, and GCDS because we don’t have these stores in Canada. My favourite place to hang out was definitely anywhere in central London because there’s so much to do there and also some of the craziest food spots are located in central London.

What is your goal for the content you create?

My goal is to inspire young women of colour who want to dress modestly. The lack of representation that still exists for modest non-hijabi women is quite shocking. I had no one growing up to look up to who looked like me and who dressed like me. My goal is way bigger than creating content on TikTok; it is to make noise for my people. Use my platform in a positive way and make women like me feel accepted and inspired when they come on my page. Someone they can relate to and get inspiration from. Dressing modestly is a huge challenge for women who live in western countries. I want them to embrace who they are and what they stand for without changing themselves and being able to represent my people on social media platforms is what I put my all into and will continue to do so. 

How has your relationship with Nemah Hasan (@nemahsis) helped to evolve your content and your style?

Myself and Nemah have always bonded over fashion, art, music and much more. We have always helped each other grow when it comes to our styles or any other aspects of our lives. Our relationship is far beyond creating content. We have a deep love and appreciation for each other’s creativity and what we think about life in general. The biggest thing about our relationship is we continue to motivate and help each other grow. We never settle and we constantly push each other to do what we do best.