This past year over 1 billion people turned to TikTok to be entertained, learn new things and bring their creativity to life. Discover some of the trends from Canada and around the world.

TikTok is where people everywhere connected, created and celebrated viral moments and movements this year – all powered by the TikTok community. The Year On TikTok report highlights popular content categories including:

  • FYFaves: Be entertained by some of this year’s popular videos.
  • The Playlist: Put these hits on repeat and check out this year’s popular songs.
  • Breakthrough Stars: Be inspired by this year’s creators, celebrities, and public figures on the rise.
  • Only on TikTok: Relive this year’s trends powered by TikTok’s editing tools, creative effects and more.
  • Eats on Repeat: Crave your favourite food trends on TikTok all over again with these popular recipes and kitchen hacks.
  • The Throwbacks: Discover and rediscover the trends, tracks and moments that made us reminisce and revel in nostalgia.

…and more!

Year on TikTok

This year, the community discovered new ways to express their creativity, championed teams and the causes they care about and found new favourites – from recipes to new music and ways to clean the house. Across Canada, everyone saw creators rise to stardom, while content from big little communities like #BookTok, #AnimalTok and #ScienceTok found a home on the platform.

To commemorate and celebrate your year on TikTok, they’re also launching “Ask on TikTok” – a new Q&A feature encouraging people to look back on their own most memorable moments of 2021 in the app by choosing a prompt question and sharing their creations as answers. People can choose a question like “What was your 2021 highlight?” or “what was your happiest moment of 2021?” and answer it in a new creation or by sharing a previous TikTok video.

TikTok videos transcend cultures and borders to reach For You feeds everywhere. 2021 saw For You feeds filled with trending content across beloved categories including comedy, food and drink, and family videos. Whether the videos make you smile or laugh in unexpected ways, one thing’s for sure: it sparks joy.


Published by HOLR Magazine