Superwoman actress, singer/songwriter, director, podcast host, activist, and mom, Malynda Hale shares her current and new projects, her current projects include a new photo/video series “Black Voices Heard” (chronicling the experiences of Black Americans) #WeNeedToTalk, a table talk discussion series that focuses on important topics in politics, entertainment and cultural trends. 


1. Tell us about your podcast #WeNeedToTalk

My podcast is extremely conversational based, but I always focus on personal stories that have ties to social justice, religion, politics and cultural trends. I think it’s important to have conversations surrounding these topics and the fact that I’m able to have them with so many incredible people is really a blessing. Everyone’s experiences are valid and important, and I love being able to hear them and share with my listeners. I always want people to come away from an episode feeling inspired, motivated or like they learned something new. 

2. What is “Black Voices Heard” and where can we watch it?

Black Voices Heard is an ongoing video and photo series that puts a spotlight on the experiences of Black Americans in this country. I don’t think we put enough emphasis on hearing the stories and experiences of people directly from them and I’m very passionate about giving people a voice and a platform. Listening to others’ stories and validating their experiences is something we don’t practice enough as a society, so my hope is that creating this project and allowing it to grow will give a platform to voices that haven’t been heard yet.

3. How do you balance doing so many things at once?

I don’t. Haha. It’s difficult. Sometimes I think I am crazy for taking on so many things, but I think if I weren’t occupied with so many projects and passions that I would be worse off. I’m fueled by being productive and if I don’t feel like I’m being productive it affects my mental health and then I start to get down on myself. So, even though I overload myself with a lot of things, I find a way to make it work because it’s what makes me happy. 

4. How is it balancing mom life and work life?

Balancing being a mom and working can be difficult but at the end of the day, all of the work I’m doing is for my daughter, so I try to keep that in mind. I love spending time with her, though. She’s truly my best friend and the person I have the most fun with. It’s been a blessing having her and I honestly don’t know how I lived before her. Seeing the world through her eyes has been amazing and I can’t wait for new adventures. I try to make sure I have our one-on-one time every day and really make sure we spend quality time together and that’s something I definitely do not want to take for granted.

5. A lot of the work you do, including your singing career is focused towards making positive change and having important discussions. How has becoming a mother inspired your show conversations, and work concepts?

If anything, it has made me want to make sure that the conversations I am having and the work that I’m doing is going to make a lasting impact. As my daughter grows older, I think the main person I want to be proud of me, is her. So, everything I do now is so I can pave the way for her and be a good example. I want to show her how to be a person of compassion while also being able to stand up for what you believe in and be strong in who you are. 

6. When is your next music release? Can we get a sneak peak of what may have inspired your new songs?

I’ve been working on a song that really shines light on conservative Christianity and the hypocrisy that lies within it. It will turn heads and definitely spark conversation, but everything in the song needs to be said. I co-wrote the song with a friend of mine named Ian Felchlin and it’s produced by Komica Purnell who I’ve been working with for a while. In my entire faith journey, I have always been confused by some of the ideals that people hold near and dear to them even though they claim to be followers of Christ. I think it’s important to put a mirror up to those people and call them out. 

7. What are some of the most difficult obstacles you’ve overcame, and how did you do it?

Self-doubt is the biggest obstacle I overcome constantly. And it’s hard to say that I’ve fully overcome it because it creeps up on me often. Sometimes I feel like I’ve failed, sometimes I feel like I’m not doing anything impactful, but I have to look back at how much I have done and remind myself to keep going. My faith plays a huge role in how I overcome those feelings and also having a strong support network has been incredible. 


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