As if we weren’t already hooked on her Instagram and blog Song of Style, iconic fashion blogger Aimee Song has carved out her own beautiful space in the world of YouTube. We get to see Aimee’s architectural side by indulging in tours of her home in progress, or the chance to see beautiful places in the world through her fashionable and tasteful lens. If she isn’t travelling with Revolve or giving us cool insider tips on architect and inspiration for interior design, Aimee shows us what she knows best – clothes.

A little Song of Style inspo:


Aimee recently began a new series where she shows you how to wear one piece of clothing several different ways. The episode below will help you to get the most out of your simple black swimsuit as the end of summer creeps up on us.



With a plehtora of fashion bloggers we can choose to indulge in, we highly reccommend adding Aimee to the top of your list.