Finding the Right Treatment for You

Daily we are inundated with hundreds of different drug options – from over the counter, nonprescription medication, to those behind the counter. Many of the mass-produced medications are not perfect for everyone, so sometimes we need to try medication that is more in line with our individual needs. Each and every one of us can react differently to certain medications, and some of us may be allergic to some of the ingredients found in commercially mass-manufactured medications.

Personalized Solutions

Fortunately for all of us, there are ways for patients to get the right medication for whatever health complication they may have. The process of creating a drug that is personalized to address specific ailments of a patient is called compounding. Compounding is the creation or altering of a drug by a licensed and trained pharmacist to meet the unique needs of a patient when a commercially available drug does not meet those needs. Those who need to alter a drug due to an allergy or a bad reaction to a side effect of a certain ingredient can get the proper help they need by reaching out to a compounding pharmacy. A compounding pharmacy is a dedicated pharmacy that can create a drug without certain ingredients that negatively affect the patient.  

Taking Advantage of Technological Advances

It is important to note all medications were compounded at one point in time. As technology has advanced over the years and the introduction of mass drug manufacturing, the compounding of drugs went on the decline and pharmacists focused more heavily on patient relations and dispensing drugs to their clients. Recently, technology advancements also lent themselves to the upward trend of advanced techniques that pharmacists could use to customize medications to fit the individual needs of a patient. Advances in technology will continue to buck the trend when it relates to drug manufacturing, but the process of drug compounding will always be there to help patients with their needs.

Unique Skillset

It is quite common for patients to need their medication in a different dosage form. For example, someone may have a hard time swallowing larger pills. Compounding pharmacists can take that medication and turn it into another form so that the patient can take it comfortably, like into a liquid form, for example. Further to that, some medications can be altered to become a topical form of medication where patients can rub a gel or cream onto their skin and it is absorbed. Popular amongst young children, through compounding, pharmacists can change the flavor of medications so it is more desirable to them. Compounding pharmacies that are highly reputable and skilled look at medications for pets and animals too.

Finding the Right Compounding Pharmacy For You

The benefits of utilizing the services provided by a compounding pharmacy are wide-ranging. Sometimes mass-produced drugs are taken off the market creating a challenge for those users who rely on them. Compounding pharmacies can recreate the discontinued drug. The folks at National Custom Compounding located in the Gold Coast in Queensland, provide services and products that assist patients in pain management, hormone replacement therapy, sleep and mood disorders, weight management, multiple sclerosis, and sports injuries, to name a few. National Custom Compounding offers step-by-step support which clients come to expect when dealing with sensitive topics such as pharmaceuticals and your health.

Benefits of Choosing Compounding Pharmacies

Years of research go into producing commercial drugs. Companies do trials with animals and people to make sure that medications are safe and effective. Using compounding pharmacies can help find the right medication for you sooner. When treating health complications individuals may try drug after drug trying to find the right dosage and prescription to cure them. But, in some health cases wasting time could worsen your health situation. Finding the right treatment for you can take a lot of time. It is common for patients to try all available commercial options before they realize that they need an altered form of medication. Utilizing compounding pharmacies can be the real difference between a positive and a negative health situation.

Compounding pharmacies have a plethora of benefits, but one of the biggest ones relates to doing with opioid addictions. Around the world, cities are facing challenging times as more and more people become addicted to opioids and rely on them to get through life. Opioids, when used correctly, can help with chronic pain in patients. Compounding pharmacies can create a lower dosage drug so it could limit the opioid intake, which can lower the chances of individuals becoming dependent. Because they create and alter drugs from raw components, they can offer the right amount of active ingredients that are right for you.