The fashion of Justin Bieber and his supermodel wife, Hailey Bieber never fails to impress! From looks that mix and match perfectly well with one another and how well the looks channel the mood of the couple at the moment, we cannot get enough of seeing what this couple is wearing!

When it comes to paired fashion, Jailey is one of the most victorious couples at that. Their outfits scream “couple goals” while succeeding at high fashion as well. This couple is definitely very fashionable and is one of the best dressed of 2022! 

The couple’s fashion is famed for their careless and youthful style that is charming as well as their almost fashionably late, thrown-together looking date night outfits that bring chic to a whole other level. The world also romanticizes the couple’s killer red carpet and event appearance fashion, not to mention their wedding fashion which painted an ideal prince charming and princess dream.

The Fairytale Wedding

Hailey and Justin Bieber's wedding

Image Credit: Photographed by Jose Villa

Hailey’s wedding dress was designed by one of the greatest designers, Virgil Abloh. This dress is one of the most famous wedding dresses of all time and notably so for its beautiful detailing and extremely long veil.

Parisian Chic

Hailey and Justin Bieber in France.

Image Credit: KCS Presse / MEGA

Even in France, the couple’s style remains true as they always love wearing matching sunglasses no matter where they are. Here, Hailey is wearing an elegant LaQuan Smith dress while her beau is wearing a Celine suit.

Met Gala Statement

Hailey and Justin Bieber at the Met Gala 2021

Image Credit: Getty Images, photographed by Mike Coppola

Justin kept it cool with his custom air forces while Hailey wore a long Versace gown to the met gala. This look had a classy 90’s feel while still being red-carpet romantic!

90’s Couple Aesthetic

Hailey and Justin Street Style

Image Credit: Photographed by Edward Opi

This look screams the aesthetic the couple has been showing us for quite some time, a relaxed and alternative outfit that is nostalgic through a 90’s style, while either one of the pair is in full monochromatic colour, while the other is louder in colours.

Casual Preppy

The couple on June 21, 2021 in Paris, France.

Image Credit: GC Images, Photographed by Marc Piasecki

Hailey is wearing a monochromatic lilac outfit that looks collegiate feminine while Justin is wearing an oversized sweater and Jordan ones, the couple’s combination is business casual in a retro form!

Off the Runway

Hailey and Justin at NYFW in New York

Image Credit: Getty Images, photographed by Nicholas Hunt

Hailey is dressed in almost off-duty supermodel attire during NYFW that showcases her walk while Justin is wearing baggy trainers, a muscle tee and Off-White Jordans, both looks complement each other and the silhouettes contrast accordingly.

Drew Chic

Hailey and Justin Bieber wearing Drew.

Image Credit: Getty Images, photographed by Bauer-Griffin

Justin Bieber’s clothing line Drew is worn by the couple often, here the couple shows how to make the awesome streetwear brand more formal with a leading lady like Hailey!

Keep Them Coming!

We love seeing the looks that this couple presents the world with, we believe that they truly express themselves through their fashion and this helps them communicate with their fans! We love how the couple mixes their individual styles for an amazing collective result. We only wish to see more iconic looks from the ‘it couple!’

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