What Did Stephanie Melgoza Do?

Stephanie Melgoza is going viral after footage was released of her reacting to news that she killed two people during a crash that occurred in 2022. HOLR is breaking down the news below.

In a chilling video that was just released, Stephanie Melgoza, the accused Illinois woman in a drunk driving case that took place in April 2022, can be seen grinning and laughing after killing two people during an interaction with police. Melgoza was “three times over the legal blood-alcohol limit” and can be heard having a hard time following police instructions when stopped. This TikTok video reposted by user @allegedlyneens showcases a snippet of their interaction below.

Stephanie Melgoza


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Another video reposted by user @hiemilynoelle of Melgoza on TikTok is going viral after she learns that she will be going to jail for her actions.


Absolutely no remorse or empathy. I had to break the video up into several parts. The arrest video is next. #fyp #lawandcrimenetwork #stephaniemelgoza

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In the above video, Melgoza is told she does not have a bond and that she will be going to jail. She is also told that she killed two people, which she seems unfazed by. Her car is also property of East Bureau Police Department now because it is a crime scene in the case. During the interaction, Melgoza can be heard asking when she will get her car back so that she can take it to class. “You are clueless with that clearly I’ve already explained this to you,” the person in the video can be heard saying. In the video, Melgoza is told she will be going to jail for reckless homicide due to driving drunk and killing two people.

“You’re on body camera being completely careless about killing two people tonight. That’s sad, and pathetic, and horrible all at the same time,” said the person in the video.

Stephanie Melgoza Married

Melgoza reportedly got married while out on bail, allegedly before she was sentenced. Check out this TikTok video below of Melgoza reposted by user @timmiti0 sharing the news on social media.


Stephanie melgoza gets married while out on bail. And posted about it the day before she gets sentenced #stephaniemelgoza #dui

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Stephanie Melgoza Husband

It appears that Stephanie and her husband are still together as she serves her 14-year sentence.

How Old is Stephanie Melgoza

According to this article, Melgoza is 24 years old. Melgoza was reportedly sentenced to 14 years in prison for “pleading guilty to killing two pedestrians while drunk driving.”

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