Bad Bunny and a dancer got stuck in a sticky situation. Check out the viral video clip!

Bad Bunny Concert

The incident seems to be related to a wardrobe malfunction that occurred on stage.

Bad Bunny Dancer Stuck

June 10, 2024– Bad Bunny and one of his dancers were caught in a situation on stage where she appeared to get physically stuck to him while dancing on him. This video, posted by user @rociorccolon, shows the incident that happened in stage:

Bad Bunny and Dancer

In the clip, the dancer can be seen dancing on Bad Bunny and when she begins to pull away, her outfit – her tights, specifically- seemingly gets stuck in his pants. She then falls back on him slightly and he stumbles backward. The rest of the dancers can be seen bursting out laughing after the incident unfolds.

The comment section offered a range of commentary, including individuals who referenced what Bad Bunny’s rumored flame- Kendall Jenner- might’ve thought about the situation.

Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner

The pair have reportedly rekindled their romance and are allegedly dating again following previous split claims. They have been spotted together recently which has sparked dating rumors again following a short break.

Bad Bunny Girlfriend

Most recently, the pair were spotted sitting with one another at the Apres Met 2 Met Gala After Party on May 6 earlier this year. It is unclear if the pair are boyfriend/girlfriend (it may be soon to tell) so we will have to wait and see how their relationship pans out.

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