What Happened To Elyse Myers

Tik Tok creator Elyse Myers has deactivated her Tik Tok account with more than 7 million followers leaving fans to wonder what happened to Elyse Meyers? Prior to deactivating her account, Elyse went through a family crisis when her son Oliver had to undergo heart surgery. Elyse shared the harrowing ordeal in a thirteen-minute Youtube post, providing fans with an update and how the family is now healing. Elyse also posted that she was depressed as people started flooding Elyse’s comments on Tik Tok condemning her for not commenting on the war in Gaza.

why did Elyse Meyers delete tik tok

Why Did Elyse Myers Delete Tik Tok

The pressure from the comments and the trolling she was receiving definitely could have played a part in her taking a break from social media, specifically Tik Tok. While many were flooding her comments with the watermelon symbol and sending vile rhetoric like they don’t care about her child heart surgery, when she doesn’t feel it necessary to comment on the children that have been killed as a result of the war in Gaza. Others came to Elyse’s defence, saying she is no expert on the crisis on the Middle East and just because she has a platform, it doesn’t mean that she has to comment on all of the conflicts happening in the world currently.

Elyse Myers Controversy

One user said, “I kind of got really sad about it because I knew that lately she’s been getting bashed heavily by the people who post the watermelon emoji in their bio or use the watermelon emoji quite often in support of Palestine, and it just made me so sad for her because I was like this woman does not deserve any of that.” The user also added, “She is going through a family crisis, and she has revealed all that information and shared that with us and people in the comments, I did see people in the comments just bully her to a pulp because she wasn’t speaking out on Palestine, so they just assumed that she didn’t care and were really going after here, which I guess now has resulting in her taking a break.”

Elyse Myer’s Instagram and Youtube are still active but she has not addressed her departure from Tik Tok. It is unclear if the break she is taking is permanent or temporarily as she navigates her family healing from her sons surgery and her depression.

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