Jennifer Lopez defends cocktail brand Delola

Jennifer Lopez clears the air about her relationship with alcohol as she is known to not drink alcohol. In an Instagram video shared on Monday, the ‘Jenny From The Block’ artist surprises fans with her Fourth of July plans. Lopez also calls out fans who criticized her for having a cocktail brand as she is perceived as a non-drinker. Jennifer Lopez released her cocktail brand Delola in April, dropping a line of fruity, lower-calorie cocktails made with natural flavors and gluten-free.

Jennifer Lopez and mixologist Lynnette Marrero


In Lopez’s Instagram video, she tells fans she ran out of Delola and is picking some up. “I got up early to go sneak out and get some Delola. We have a few people coming over for the holiday weekend, and I realized that we don’t have any”, she said with a giggle. “I thought we would, but we don’t. So I’m going to go to the store and get some.”


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While on her way to the liquor store, Lopez clarifies with fans their comments on her relationship with alcohol. “I know that a lot of people have been talking about, ‘Oh she doesn’t even drink, what’s she doing with a cocktail?’ To tell you the truth, that was true for a long time – I didn’t drink.”

But times have changed, and she states that she has been having the occasional cocktail. “I do enjoy the occasional cocktail. I do drink responsibly, I don’t drink to get s–tfaced. I drink to be social and to have a nice time and just relax and let loose a bit, but always responsibly.”

Jennifer Lopez’s negative response from Delola launch

Unfortunately, J.Lo received backlash from fans saying that she is being insensitive in promoting a cocktail brand as her husband Ben Affleck struggled with alcohol addiction. Lopez also got comments saying her cocktail business was a “money grab.”

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck


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