The right front door is much more than just a way to enter and exit your home. Find out what else you need to know before buying right here.

Are you looking to purchase a new front door?

As one of the features visible from both the inside and outside, you should choose a front door that gives you a sense of security while also protecting your interiors from chaotic weather, dirt, and extreme temperatures. And let’s not forget: the appeal of the home! With so many considerations surrounding the entrance of your home, we answer some of the most important questions about purchasing front doors. Let’s open the door on this topic and explore the different options for front doors. We aim to assist you in making an informed decision about your home’s entrance.

What’s the best material for front doors?

Generally, manufacturers make front doors from wood, steel, or fiberglass. Of course, the preferred material varies according to individual tastes – however, when it comes to cost-effectiveness, plastic tends to come out on top.

Wood Wooden front doors are the gold standard. The genuine wood grain is warm and welcoming, and many older homes wouldn’t feel authentic without one. The cost of a wooden door depends on the type of wood you choose: cherry, hickory, pine, mahogany, maple, white oak, and others. However, wooden doors require maintenance to protect them from moisture and weather, not to mention anxious puppies scratching at the entrance. Moreover, wooden doors have inferior insulating properties than other door materials unless they have an energy-efficient core.

Steel Steel doors are the sturdiest and most durable doors available in the market. If you’re looking for a sense of security and a low-maintenance, energy-efficient door, steel is a good pick. Plus, they’re affordable and typically come with a comprehensive warranty. Steel doors can’t be customized and are usually available in standard sizes. If you have unusual angles or door requirements, wood might be a better choice. On the downside, if a steel door gets dented, damaged, or heavily used, it can be prone to rust and challenging to repair.

Plastic front doors are the most durable option and are less prone to fading, denting, rusting, tearing, or scratching. Furthermore, these doors resist moisture and offer superior structure compared to others. As a low-maintenance option, it’s worth noting that plastic front doors are highly energy-efficient and customizable. If you desire a wood grain look, many manufacturers can craft a front door to match your preference.

Once you’ve determined your needs and preferences and are familiar with the primary door types and materials, the vision of your perfect door begins to take shape. After deciding on the type, structure, glass details, and materials, you can consider color, texture, hardware, and locking mechanisms.

Front doors, due to their style and material choices, are available in a myriad of colors. You can even choose and order a color that matches your decor. Each door material offers a different texture, another critical aspect to consider when designing patio doors. For instance, do you want a smooth finish or one with a grain?

The choice of hardware also influences the appearance of a front door. Depending on the door, there are numerous security mechanism options. The type of lock is another decision to make, but rarely is the chosen lock anything but satisfactory. Even with an alarm system, most people want a reliable locking device. A front door with glass, for example, can be equipped with RC2 burglar-resistant glass. It can also be fitted with multi-point mushroom pin locking. Of course, there are also SMART home options for digital users.

When selecting a new front door or a replacement door, factors such as budget and energy efficiency are likely at the top of your list. The size and material of the door, along with any additional customizations, can factor into the overall cost of a front door. Depending on who installs your door, there might be a separate installation fee or even a charge for removing an old door.

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