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Sometimes we are too busy with life to dedicate a lot of our time to playing games on a pc or console at home. Instead, many people look to mobile gaming to fulfill their gaming needs. Mobile gaming allows people to play while on the go from wherever they are, and they only need their fingertips for controls. There are thousands of different games that you can play, from online slots UK to Mario Kart and even Fortnite. The mobile games you choose to play also say a lot about you, so take a look below to see what kind of person you are.

Candy Crush

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Candy Crush is a game that is completely free to play and just recently reached its 10th anniversary. Despite being around for such a long time, Candy Crush is still just as popular as ever. It is a puzzle game that is relatively easy to pick up, and as you complete more levels, it becomes more challenging to solve. This game reveals that you enjoy the strategic aspect of the game and like the feeling of accomplishment from figuring out how to solve a puzzle. Because you are able to see what level your friends are on, this game also brings out the competitive side of people as they try to stay ahead of everyone else.

Mario Kart Tour

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Next on this list is the favorite classic, Mario Kart Tour. This game was first released on the Wii but is now available on mobile, so you can play while away from home. If you enjoy this game, then it suggests that you like the feeling of nostalgia that this game brings. It tends to remind many people of memories they look back on fondly. Again, because this is a fun racing game at heart, lovers of Mario Kart Tour often have a competitive side to them as they try to take first place against their friends and family. 


Fortnite is a game that exploded in popularity, with millions of players jumping on the battle royale-style game in the hopes of being the last person alive out of a hundred. This game requires players to think quickly on their feet and have the skill to utilize the in-game build mechanic effectively to battle opponents and eliminate them from the game. Those that enjoy Fortnite tend to be more impulsive with their decision-making, which is an advantage for making snap choices in a fast-paced game of Fortnite. 

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is a game for people that love adventures and activities and are looking for a thrill throughout their day. This game offers a unique and immersive experience with mesmerizing graphics as well as an amazing soundtrack. You can explore new regions of the map at your own pace and get to choose how you spend your time. Whether that is just wandering around enjoying the beautiful landscapes or battling new bosses and completing missions, the choice is all yours. Genshin Impact is a mobile game for those that like to be in control of what they do, and with the almost limitless possibilities of this game, it is easy to see why these people love it.

Among Us

Among Us is another game, like Fortnite, that first blew up in popularity on PC and console and then was released as a mobile game. This game requires players to show off their ability to be strategic and deceptive as they try to convince other crew members that they are not the imposter while taking them out one by one when no one is looking. The stakes are high, and you have limited time to complete your mission, so you need to be on high alert and pay close attention to see if the other player’s stories match up with what is being said. The best Among Us players are skilled at persuasion and are good at getting people to believe everything they say.

Heads Up!

The last mobile game on this list is a game by the popular TV host Ellen DeGeneres known as Heads Up. If you happen to be someone that has a lot of fun playing this game, then it is likely that you enjoy the company of others and spending time with friends and family. To get the most out of a game of Heads Up!, you need to have a group of players trying their hardest to figure out what action someone is miming, which usually leads to the funniest outcomes.

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