Hair breakage and split ends, they’re the worst! No one likes to deal with pesky flyaways and damaged hair. Healthy, manageable hair is all we’ve ever wanted. We often blame hair processing and heat styling tools for wreaking havoc on our hair, but what we often overlook is what we use everyday to detangle our hair.


I was recently introduced to a pretty normal looking hair brush from Wet Brush, specifically the Original Detangler, and I immediately fell in love upon trying it out. Oh Original Detangler, where have you been all my life?! I’ve never given much thought to what I use to brush my hair. A brush is a brush… so I thought. Despite having sleek, straight hair, I do get knots and tangles. I wake up to bed head, my hair knots in the shower, and if there’s ever wind or static, there goes my hair. When I brush through my hair to detangle, I usually do it fast (I blame it on my lack of patience); pulling fast combined with a bad brush will result in hair breakage and split ends. 

What’s different and great about the Original Detangler is its IntelliFlex® bristles – they’re thin, strong and flexible. Brushing through knots and tangles, dry or wet, have never been easier and painless, resulting in next to no damage. These bristles feel quite nice on the scalp as well. 

Another quirk about the brush is that it’s so easy to remove hair from the bristles because they’re so soft and flexible. It could be done in literally one go and the brush is free of hair. That honestly wow’d me because I hated how difficult it was to remove hair from the brushes I’ve used prior. For awhile I just owned hairy brushes – I know I’m not the only one!

All in all, the Wet Brush Original Detangler is the only hair brush that you need in your life. It works on all hair types and is great for brushing through hair extensions and wigs as well. It also comes in a variety of cute designs and colours. You can find this hair brush at Walmart or Chatters. 


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