Sustainability is a hot subject right now. With the current climate crisis and the future of our planet in our hands, many people are looking for ways that they can make changes in their lives. One way of doing so is picking a hotel that is eco-friendly. We have compiled some of the best eco-friendly hotels in Canada for you.

Image Credit: 1 Hotel Toronto

1 Hotel Toronto, Ontario

One of the new hotels in the downtown core of Toronto, 1 Hotel Toronto is the perfect example of being sustainable in an urban setting. 1 Hotel is dedicated to zero waste and will be diverting more than 85% of waste from landfills. With 1 Hotel’s composter that turns all organic waste into soil, they can use that soil in their over 3,300 plants throughout the hotel and garden. 1 Hotel’s kitchen staff works one on one with local farmers and 90% of their produce has been sourced from within a 100-kilometre radius. 1 Hotel also works with a company called GreenPlanet, all of the 1 Hotels kitchen oil and grease goes to GreenPlanet who then transforms it into biofuel. To go even further, 1 Hotel has sourced limestone and granite from local quarries and has worked with Just Be Woodsy, to make one-of-a-kind furnishings out of fallen Toronto trees.

Element by Westin Calgary Airport, Alberta

Element Calgary Airport is a part of one of the world’s leading environmental certification programs, Leadership in Energy and Environment Designs. Element Calgary Airport is an eco-friendly hotel that features rainfall showerheads and items that have a low environmental impact, such as Energy Star appliances in each hotel room. The hotel also provides bins for plastic, paper, and glass.

Bear Claw Lodge, British Columbia

Located on the Kispoix River, Bear Claw Lodge is the perfect eco-friendly destination for winter sports enthusiasts, hikers and people who like to fish. Bear Claw Lodge takes pride in harvesting their own honey with their three on-site beehives, growing their own produce, and eliminating all plastic water bottle use. To power most of their appliances, Bear Claw Lodge uses solar panels. For all their beds, they have hired local craftspeople who have hand carved each bed in the lodge. The lodge’s director hosts a series of eco-camps to educate visitors about the region’s natural environment and teach them new ways to give back to their respective communities.

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Published by HOLR Magazine.