Temperatures are on a steady rise as we dive head first into summer, which means it’s the perfect time to equip your wardrobe for warmer days.

Now, if you are one of the 9-to-5ers that spends Monday-Friday in a suit, you’re going to want to keep reading for some pointers on looking, feeling, and staying cool this summer.

  1. Colours & Patterns While black and navy blue are somewhat permanent fixtures in any work wardrobe, now is the perfect time to unearth some of those lighter colours in your closet like pale blues, cool greys, and neutral shades like tan and camel. And while we’re experimenting, summer is also a great chance to play with patterns. For the conservative workplace, windowpane checks or pinstripes are a safe bet. Save more dramatic prints for leisurely evenings out. Not only are lighter colours a practical option, since they don’t absorb as much heat, but they’re also a fantastic way to break up the monotony of your 9-to-5 look and usher in a little flare for the summer.

  1. Texture & Fabrics – The fabric of any suit undoubtedly helps decide what season it is fit for. Retire your tweed, wool, and herringbone suits and replace them with cottons, linens, and frescos for these warmer months. Not only are all of these fabrics incredibly breathable, but they also each define your look in a distinct way. Cotton and fresco, while being light and comfortable, retain the structure of a heavier fabric making them perfect for the workplace without compromising on professionalism or comfort. Linen, on the other hand, moves with the body and crumples quite easily, giving off a more disheveled or off duty look. While a linen suit likely won’t fly at a more conservative office, it’s great for laid back occasions and vacations.

  1. Hem Length – The length of one’s pants and how much of a ‘break’ a pair of pants has often varies based on occasion, personal preference, and body type; however, there is a time and place for each of the different hem lengths:
    1. A half break is a good blend between traditional and contemporary without straying too far towards trendy. The trouser sits atop your shoes with a gentle fold, and falls with a slightly tapered fit, making it the right choice for work trousers and smart formal evenings.
    2. A trouser with no break just about grazes the tops of your shoes, lending a modern silhouette to your overall look with a slim (but not skinny) fitted pant. The shorter length of these trousers pairs well with a loafer, making the overall ensemble ideal for casual settings.
    3. An exposed ankle, as the name suggests, shows off a little skin by sitting at the top of your anklebone. A trouser of this length would have to be tapered significantly (i.e., near-skinny fit) to avoid excess fabric from bunching up at the ankle. The exposed ankle is trendy, casual, and perfect for laidback summer days.
  1. Footwear – A stylish alternative to oxfords are suede monkstraps and penny loafers, both of which teeter right on the smart casual side of things. In the summer your suede footwear can leave the house feeling relatively unthreatened by erratic weather conditions, all while giving you a stylish and elevated look. For a full-fledged off duty look, slip into a classic pair of white tennis shoes.

Et voilà! Summer suiting never looked better.

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