Who found Nicola Bulleys phone?

Who found Nicola Bulleys phone has been trending on Google and according to authorities, her phone was found by the same witness that found her dog wandering and tied him up. Some users on Reddit are saying that the woman lives at the caravan park nearby.

Nicola Bulley went missing 12 days ago, while taking her dog for a walk along the river. Investigators have been baffled by the circumstances surrounding the case so far as she went missing in broad daylight after being seen by others in the area. Despite extensive searches, the authorities have still not located the missing mom of two. In the latest Nicola Bulley update, a private search of the River Wyre will soon come to an end.

Nicola was also on a Microsoft Teams video call with her coworkers but had the video turned off and the sound on mute when she went missing. According to reports, her phone was found by the river and the dog was found running off-leash close by.

Nicola Bulley Update

Police have since identified 700 cars that drove through the mall village and plan on interviewing all of them. Forty police detectives are said to be on the case and are investigating “500 lines of inquiry.” Police are urging the public not to take matters into their own hands so as not to interfere with the ongoing investigation.

Lancashire Police also released a statement that “clearly, as time goes on, the open sea becomes much more of a possibility.” So far, the police haven’t revealed any concrete leads, although that does not necessarily mean they don’t have an active investigation looking into a suspect for foul play.

Nicola Bulley Reddit

There have been many different theories floating around on Reddit with the main one focusing on the speculation that Nicola was abducted. The Reddit community is often active on theorizing about true crime cases and a lot of people believe that if she were injured or fell into the water that the dog would have jumped in after her. When the dog was found, it was dry, so that is why people are speculating that something more sinister happened to Nicola Bulley.

who found Nicola Bulleys phone

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