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Nestled in Toronto’s trendy Queen West area at 211 Ossington Avenue, Park Medical Aesthetics is not your average cosmetic clinic. Beyond the sleek design and welcoming aesthetic, this unique space is led by compassionate family physicians, Dr. Shoghi and Dr. Sophie, along with a dedicated team of nurses. Their holistic approach is rooted in understanding how individuals perceive themselves and the world around them while offering a multitude of customized skincare solutions.

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While Dr. Shoghi specializes in sexual health and transgender care, and Dr. Sophie excels in teaching medical students at UofT and working in palliative care, both physicians share a commitment to celebrating natural beauty through subtle enhancements. Park Medical Aesthetics embraces diversity, catering to all genders, facial structures, and skin tones, making it an inclusive haven for those curious about medical aesthetic treatments.

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Chemical Peel Review

One standout offering at Park is the chemical peel, a procedure that defies its intimidating name to leave your skin feeling wonderfully radiant. By applying a low-pH solution for the ideal duration, dead and damaged skin cells are removed, triggering a rejuvenating turnover of skin cells. The benefits are manifold, including a brighter complexion, diminished appearance of acne scars, and relief from breakouts. I received a chemical peel here and Natasha, my aesthetician was incredibly knowledgeable from answering all of my questions to providing me with custom advice for my skin that I can apply at home. Despite the name of the procedure, I did not experience discomfort. At most, I felt a slight tingling but it was well worth it once I saw the results. Post-procedure my skin looked smooth and glowing and I had no downtime. Weeks later my skin was radiant and I found that the peel helped with texture concerns.

My Skin Immediately After The Chemical Peel at Park Medical Aesthetics

The chemical peel appointment typically spans 45 minutes, with discussions on peel selection based on skin concerns, application of the peel, and guidance on post-treatment skincare. To achieve the best and freshest results, Park Medical Aesthetics recommends a package of three peels, priced at $600, or individual peels at $225 each.

Customization at Park Medical Aesthetics

What sets Park apart is their commitment to customization. The experienced team collaborates with clients to personalize a treatment plan based on individual skin types, concerns, and current conditions. This ensures that each service is tailored to optimize results for a fresh, youthful appearance.

In addition to chemical peels, Park offers a range of other services, including microneedling, Morpheus 8 and injectables such as neurotoxins (Botox, Dysport), fillers, and Belkyra. Whether you’re seeking a radiant complexion through chemical peels or exploring other aesthetic treatments, Park Medical Aesthetics stands as a beacon of expertise, blending medical proficiency with a commitment to individualized care. Book a consultation today on their website, and effectively address any skin concerns that you may have. I assure you, you’ll be in great hands and you’ll savour being in the serene and aesthetically pleasing space, making your experience even better.